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Seeking Advice for New Skiis

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Hey Everyone,


Just joined and need some help if you don't mind. 


A little background:

Age: 39 Weight: 230-240lbs (depending on Holidays) Height: 6.2 Exp: Advanced.

I've been skiing my whole life, primarily in the North East (NH, VT, Maine).  Took a break when I had three kids and my wife didn't ski.  During that break, my 210 Neon blue and pink Atomic Arcs somehow went out of style, as did my 'knee's glued together' form that I spent a lifetime perfecting.


Flash forward to last season: Went all in on seasonal ski house, season tix for whole family (wife,3 kids), season ski camp for little ones 9-7-5, and learn-to ski-program for wife.  Needless to say, this left me having to rent a pair of skiis and boots for the season becasue I was pretty much broke.  Yes, I still skiied like it was 1988 on shaped skiis...spread eagles et al. giving a friend of mine endless amusement all winter. (I guess you need to ski backwards or do flips to be cool these days?)


Tis a new season, did the same as above, but I'm looking to outfit MYSELF this year.  Need some advice if you all would be so kind.  You all know the NorthEast, cold and icy.  Probably 2-3 powder days all season (more likely if i had a flexible schedule but it's Sat and Sun for me).  Corduroy and Crud 75% and spent some time in the trees last year which I want to do more of.  Also, wouldn't mind hitting Tuckerman's in the spring...but that's probably a stretch...but maybe not.  Looked at the new Head model this weekend, also some Voklr skiis.  The 2012 Atomics looked good, but the reality is I'm having trouble looking at 2k for skiis and boots.  What advice can you give me, where should I shop and what should I buy?


Thanks for your time in advance!



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Welcome back to skiing and welcome to Epic.  You will hear a lot of us say the same thing, forget skis until you go to a boot fitter and get boots that fit your feet.  Boots are the important gear you will buy for skiing.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wiki about fitting and check the list of boot fitters for one near you.  If there isn't one listed near you, ask and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.

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