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I am looking for a good backcountry/touring ski that I can climb a little bit with.  Does anyone have any experience or opinions about the Bluehouse District or MR?  ANY feedback would be great, thanks.

Also some info on what kind of bindings I should get would help.  I'm a newbie to this kind of skiing.

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What do you want to do with them? Is it a pure touring setup, or are you going to use it inbounds as well? We can't really answer your questions with the small amount of info you've given.

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I will not do a lot of pure touring, I just want something that will let me earn my turns in the backcountry and and also be able to handle some resort groomers and crud once in a while.

I also found some used 2007 Blizzard Titan Argos skis with Duke bindings, anyone know how would these compare to the Bluehouse skis?

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