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Hello again, sorry I have not been on here in a while. I guess I don't receive e-mail notification when there are replies here.

 The extended length of the coiled cord is about 12". The coiled cord keeps everything up out of the way, so it's not dragging in the snow.

If anybody needs any ordering info, just send me a private message.

Thanks, Mike

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Mike, The ribbons look great.  Is there a chance I could get a pair by Christmas for my daughter? Thanks

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Hi, yes of course. I will be getting some out in the next couple of days. Sorry I haven't been checking here for messages. I don't get e-mail notification of new posts here, but I do for private messages.

Just send me a private message for ordering info. It is easier to keep track of everybody if they are in my PM log.

Thanks, Mike

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Hi Mike,  I live in Michigan, but Im going to Big sky with ski club this year.  I was told I need powder cords.  I have been looking all day for them and I like yours the best.  How fast can I get them shipped to me.




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You should send a personal message to @fly2mike  I doubt he checks the thread every day.  I have paged him with the @ feature so maybe he will get a note to drop in here now.

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Hi Demi, I can send you some tomorrow. You should get them via priority mail in about three days. Just send me a private message for ordering info. I will send you a message right now.

Thanks, Mike

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OK, Now we are getting some snow, so people are interested in powder cords. 


I've gone to two separate styles of powder cords. The original style with a few upgrades, and the leash style with some upgrades. These two pictures are of the basic style. The basic style is $23.00 including shipping. If interested in ordering, just send me a pm.

Thanks, Mike

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PM sent
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I'd like to buy a pair of your powder cords. They look great. Spent several hours digging for a friend's ski off-piste in Ishgl last year, and want none of that. I'm overseas in Europe, but have a US post office box (as you as you can ship USPS and not just UPS). I just joined epicski, so not sure how this bulletin board works. Hopefully it emails me when you reply. If not, I'm at criswellm@gmail.com .


Mark Criswell

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Just realized you now offer two styles, but not sure what the leash style is. I do not want something permanently attaching the boots to the skis. I want something that will detach and stay with the ski. Preferably with a quick release on the ski itself, because over here in Europe I mainly ride gondolas so we're taking off our skis a lot.



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Hi Mark, just send me a private message, and I will give you some details about what I have available.

Thanks, Mike

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Hello everyone, I am making powder cords again this season. Hoping for some snow here in the northwest.:rolleyes This is the basic model.

          This is the combination leash and powder cord. The leash releases at a pull of about 15 pounds to allow the ribbon to remain attached to the ski. The ribbon is eight feet long on both models.


I have a new design I am pretty excited about. I will post some pictures. I also have the basic system with a small holster to keep them organized. The basic ones are $25.00 including shipping and the leash / powder cord combination is $43.00 including shipping. I only have enough buckles to make a few pairs of the leashes until I order some more buckles if enough people are interested in that style. I raised the price by $2.00 on the basic model to cover the increase in materials costs. If interested just send me a private message, so I can get the notification via my e-mail.


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Can you explain how the leash model works?  I don't quite understand what the buckle does, when you say it releases at 15 lbs of force, what's releasing?  What's the point of having the buckle in there.  The basic model makes sense to me, but I don't understand the differences in the leash model.

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The buckle allows you to easily and quickly remove or reattach the cord. Without the buckle, you have to remove the cord however you have it attached to your ski or remove the cord from your boot.

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I am a bit confused by the description of the deluxe model as a "combination leash and powder cord"?  I think of a "leash" as a cord that remains attached to both the ski and the boot/skier after a binding release.     Does this leash just unfurl to its 8 ft length after release?  The leashes from 30+ years ago were only several inches long and sometimes resulted in injury from a flailing ski. 


Alternatively, is this a powder cord that that becomes untethered from the boot/skier after release and only remains tethered to the ski?


The basic model is not described as a leash so am I correct in assuming that it becomes untethered from boot/skier after release?

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The leash is the part that stays attached to your ski. No you do not want to be permanently connected to your ski via the leash or powder cord. The powder cord is to help you find your ski after it has released. He is selling two versions on that easily attaches and detaches to the cord (the more expensive one). The second version is more basic and similar to others on the market; a cord attached to your ski that is coiled up and loosely held usually by pressure from the gator at the bottom of your ski pants. When the binding releases the cord uncoils and trails the ski leaving a clue as to where your buried ski is.

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Hi, yes you are correct. In both cases the powder cord releases from the boot/holster. The only difference is that the leash system has an internal velcro that retains the powder cord to a higher release value (about 15 to 20 pounds of pull) . The advantage of the leash system is that it will definitely retain the ski during an inadvertant or gentle release, also it is a quick release system for easy in and out. The system will release during a more dynamic fall or say in an avalanche. Once the velcro releases from the holster the 8' powder cord / orange ribbon stays attached to your ski so it can be easily found. The idea of the leash retention system is to theoretically have the advantage of a leash without the danger of having the ski flailing near your head during a tumble.:(

I had a concussion many years ago during a bad fall from getting hit over the bridge of my nose by my ski. I had Amnesia for two days!!

The real advantage of a leash is to not lose a ski down a long dangerous slope in the event of an inadvertant binding release. Say you click in to your skis at the top of a narrow, steep 1500 foot chute, you don't realize it but there was some ice under your toe piece, your first hop turn the ski releases, and your ski slides down the chute out of sight!!! Basically at that point you're screwed!

I actually have a couple different styles of the leash system, but in very limited quantities. Send me a private message, and I can send you a picture of the two types I can make.

Let me know if you have any more questions.?

I plan to do a short video on the use of these items.

Thanks for your interest, Mike


Pray for snow!!!!!

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Ok, I see why I was confused.  For some reason (even though it doesn't make any sense), I was thinking the buckle had something to do with the leash aspect, but I see now that's not the case.  Any chance you could just post the pics here in the thread vs. PM?  If not for some reason, I'd like to see the pics of your current non-leash/non-buckle style.  I'm considering a pair but would prefer the more minimalist version I think.

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   Basic powder cords for $25.00 including shipping.

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    This is one style of leash I can make in very limited quantity for $43.00 including shipping.

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Thanks Mike for the fast service. These cords look awesome. no more stuffing parachute cords up my pant legs!

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Originally Posted by fly2mike View Post

    This is one style of leash I can make in very limited quantity for $43.00 including shipping.

Wow - that is a real cool design.  Is it still available? If so, PM me about a purchase!  BTW - will the carabiner part stay attached if looped around a ski brake or do you need to drill a hole in your binding's heel piece?

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The loop end of the curly cord can be attached to your brake, ( I will include a set of the orange barrel adjusters) but it is definitely better to attach it to your heel piece, not all will require drilling, depends on what you have for bindings.

I will send you my payment info right now.


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Got them and they are so nicely designed and constructed (and clearly a labor of love).  I am looking forward to using them on a pow day rather than doing the "avoidance dance" with my current P.O.S. powder cords.  Thanks for your great work!

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Great! I'm glad you like them. It doesn't seem like very many people are interested in a leash / powder cord combo, but it really makes the most sense I believe.

We don't have any snow here in the NW so far, so I am getting a little bit annoyed by the weather gods! :-)  At least I can ride the mountain bike in the mud!


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I'd like to buy two pairs of your powder leashes. Can you tell me how to go about it please? Ill be paying by credit card or paypal for delivery to Utah.




Kieran Kelly

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I have started a new thread with the newest style of powder cord / leash. I decided that this thread has too many pictures and I wanted to focus on making one style.



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