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Conditions Lookout

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Skied Lookout today - Sunday.   Report. Groomers good, all the rain damage has been repaired and they skied good. Off piste on Mt. and Idaho face good consistent snow, Big Dipper on chair 3 good consistent snow which is now a long mogul run. Few hazards and the ones that are there are easily avoidable. Chair 2 ok on bottom now.  A few hazrds on that last pitch on bottom, slow down there and they can be avoided.


Overall a good day.  No damage to my new skis.  Dialing in my new 180cm Blizzard Bonafides. 


No free popcorn in bar - bummer.No lift lines all 4 lifts working.

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Going up tomorrow (Thursday)?

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Mike, sorry missed ya thursday.  Boy the snow forecast looks bad for at least a week - guess we should be happy we're at least open.

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Looks like snow may return a week from today..

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