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Feet start to hurt by 1:00 - 2:00 pm

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I have been skiing the past 13 years or so. I only get on the slopes a few times a season and have been doing season rentals up to this point. I am not an expert as I have no great technique however I can handle all the mountain has to offer (Tremblant, Killington, Whiteface, etc...) Due to foot pain I usually stick to blue and easy blacks as to not strain myself too much. I have the same problem with my feet every year. In the shop the rental boots feel ok with no obvious issues. When I get out on the slopes things are ok but around 1:00 - 2:00 (or earlier depending on how tough the terrain I am skiing is) I experience the same pain in my feet. It occurs on both feet but seems to be worse on the left. I get pain in the little toe and the one next to it. I also have a little pain on the balls of both feet. The pain lessens when I loosen the boots and let my feet dangle from the ski lift. However, it is short lived because as soon as I head down the trail again and there is pressure on my foot the pain returns. The pain gets so bad sometimes at the end of the day that I look more forward to the lift than the trail. This causes me to avoid putting pressure on the front of my feet which leads to straining other parts of my foot leg which is not good at all. I also notice that by the end of the day I have to have the boot tightened almost all the way to get any type of decent traction in the boots which I am sure is cutting off circulation thus compounding the problem.


Now that you have this information, my question is considering this has happened to me year after year with many different rental boots is the problem with me or the boots? I have no problem shelling out the cash on some good quality boots if it will solve my problem but I am concerned that if the problem is with me that buying a new boot isn't going to help me. I am also concerned that since the pain doesn't occur until I have been out on the slopes for a few hours that I will go get fitted for boots and think all is well only to have the problem appear in the afternoon.


What do you guys think/recommend? Considering I am not able to get on the slopes as much as I would like it sucks that I can barely make it past 1:00 and would love to fix this problem if possible.

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rental boots are usually wide, and as a boot stretches out thruout the dat, you are overtightening the boot to get your foot to stay in place?


Your own boot, will hold your foot in place, without overdoing the buckles, and let the basic shell shape do its job. 



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I went to the shop today and unfortunately due to my small foot size 24.5 they didn't have any men's boot in my size to try. I went to another shop and had the same issue. The fitter there told me that due to my small foot size, and the fact that I am looking for a little bit of a wider fit in the front and a more comfortable boot overall he suggested I try out some women's boots. I am not a large man by any means, I am 5'4 145 lbs. I found a pair of boots that felt pretty comfortable - Atomic Live Fit 70W. What are your thoughts on a man wearing women's boots? I can't seem to find a shop that has any men's boots in my size for me to try on!

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the shape is the same M vs W,  might be a bit softer, but at your weight, not a big deal.


Try some and see how they fit?  Don't worry,  you wont catch Gay for them :)

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As has been said the difference is generally graphics, fluff and flex, none of which will do you any harm.....it still amazes me that more stores don't carry the small sizes, we sell a ruck load of 24.5 men's boots, probably because most places can't be bothered
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ya,  we are sold out of 23, and 24 in the technica cochise already.  

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The woman's boot that fit me the best was the Livefit 70w. It isn't THAT girly...

Atomic Live Fit 70 Ski Boot Reviews, Best Prices, and Coupons - Cascadeclimbers

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