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Fixing my Lange RS 110s?

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Hi guys, 


I have a pair of Lange RS 110 boots fitted in Whistler. They've gone through about 60 days so far. I find that now to keep the foot from losing contact with the sole I'm cranking the second buckle from the bottom (are there proper terms for each buckle?). Consequently the part above the arch (what's this called?) hurts after a few runs. I have a really narrow heel and ankle, a fairly high arch, and a narrow instep. 


Should I be looking into replacement liners? Or would you attempt to resolve through bootfitting? Or should I be (sigh) looking for a boot with different parameters?


On an unrelated note, can you only punch up to 4mm in the toebox? I was told this by a Vancouver fitter. They were putting my friend in a boot that had more than two finger widths in the shell fit--I was asking them to consider putting him a shell size down and punch out the toebox as that's where he felt pinching in the smaller boot.


Thanks guys!

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what part of your foot is moving, in what direction, so that you have to tighten over the instep that much?   a big volume intuiition might help for a while but all liners will pack out to the shell shape in the end.


what is the shell fit like on your boots? (in mm, not fingers)



for length 4mm is common, more and it MIGHT hit the binding toe peice. (the boot can go more, but it might not work in teh bindings)

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Hi Dave, 


Shell fit leaves about 15mm at the back. The fitter did punch out the toe though last year as it initially was crushed against the shell. I need to crank the buckles to be able to fully engage the edges and get the most out of pivoting... though next time I'm skiing I'll take specific note of which plane(s) it's loose in. 


Maybe I should go with the same boot next season, but get it a shell size smaller? 


Also, bootfitters, if you're bored with your current city, come to Vancouver! You'll have a huge client base!

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15mm is on the big side of a shell fit, for a performance fit/boot


is the foot moving



2)side to side

3) front to back (is that why your toes where hitting)?


are you using a custom footbed?  usually helps to stabilize the foot

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