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How many miles from ski vehicle tires?

Poll Results: How many miles do you expect to get from the tires on your PRIMARY ski vehicle?

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    Under 10K, I only use fresh and deep meat.
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    Over 35K I don't need no stinkin deep tread..
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Just like it says, how many miles do you expect to get from the tires on your PRIMARY ski vehicle?  I realize this poll data will have a high standard deviation doe to the fact that many run snows and many with longer commutes to the mountain run all seasons.


So, answer your best guess anyway.



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Not enough.  Got four seasons out of my last pair of Hakkas, but that's not many miles as I only live 16 minutes from the hill.  I don't replace the tires due to tread life, I replace them due to stud life...which is a lot less.  I have two sets of snow tires with worn out studs, but plenty of tread life left, in my garage.  I looked into what it would take to yank the studs and use them as summer tires, but decided it was too much work for me.  Just paid more than the car was worth to put new Hakkas on.  


Edit:  Did some rough calculations...Divided mileage from when we moved here until today by the years, cut the years in half to get a "winter driving" number (probably wrong, but maybe driving longer distances but less frequently in summer balanced out by driving much more often and shorter distances in winter?) then multiplied that by the number of seasons on the Hakkas.  Got less than 15,000 miles on them before I felt the studs were pretty worn down.  And since I don't want to mess with chains, I need good studs.  

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Two seasons of running back and forth to VT on a weekly basis. No point in stretching out the remaining tread for me as performance falls way off. Small price to pay for just how well they work at their task....besides, I already have next years Blizzaks waiting in the garage smile.gif

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I use All Season Continental DWS (Dry/Wet/Snow) tires.  They have a 520 wear rating and with 22k on them, show minimal wear.  Yes, they are a bit noisier than the Continental DW tires I put on the wife's BMW, but will likely get me through 3 ski seasons and 50k miles.  There is a DWS stamped into the tires trend around the tire. D is deepest, W next and S is the shallowest. I have lots of depth left in the S for season 2 biggrin.gif

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I've got 26K on some Bridgestone Duelers.  Not my first choice, came with the car.  Was really planning to push it one more season on what's left of them.  I rotated them regularly, but they really do look nonono2.gifthin for bad weather use.  Totally street legal though.  Noticed a nail in one awhile back.  Now it is losing air about every 4-6 weeks.  Dealer said they couldn't patch it because it was too close to the sidewall (just past the first groove in the tread).  But, the manager told me he honestly thought any tire place would be able to patch it fine and said I should do that since there is plenty of tread left. 


I'm of a wait and see mode now.  A great sale, or if it starts losing air faster I'll do something about it.  Otherwise just keep driving.  Fact is many many vehicle tires have nails and screws that go un noticed for the entire life of the tire.  However, knowing about one makes a person paranoid and for good reason!


Anyway, I'll probably get new shoes before any really long trips.  Got fix a flat cans, a small compressor, and a spare of course should my risk not pay off before then.

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My last set of snows got used up after 5 seasons during the following summer.  I had a flat and they wouldn't repair it under the road hazzard protection program, because they said the usable tread was gone.  FTW?  So they were bald, there weren't any cords showing through.th_dunno-1[1].gif.


When the tread depth gets low I slow down, especially in slush or heavy rain.


That being said, my old Latitude X-ice tires did about 35 to 40 k miles before they put me in danger of not making it through a foot of fresh with a one (rear) wheel drive heavy car.

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I run winter tires on both of our Subarus from Thanksgiving to the end of March/early April. We get two seasons or so. Figure 13-15K miles per set.


And honestly, you don't want to run winter tires down to the wear bars during winter conditions. So we replace winter tires earlier than we would with three season (aka all season) tires.

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I figure about 30K for the snows and 30K from the summer tires.

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