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Where to have bindings mounted in Portland, OR?

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a favorite shop for mounting bindings in Portland, OR? Or even a favorite tech at a shop? I was thinking of taking my new babies to The Mountain Shop when they get here next week.

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They should be fine for binding mounting. I don't know if there is anyone in Portland who is truly qualified to boot fit, however.

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If you need a boot fit, see Jim Mates in Seattle-he is listed in the Master Bootfitters Index. Regarding shops in Portland, Ski Chalet has some knowledgeable people.
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Check out:
Bob's Ski and Snowboard Shop
14625 S.E. Stark Street
You may want to call them first to make sure that they have the mounting jig for the brand of bindings you want to put on your skis. I have had Tyrolia bindings mounted there before. If they don't they can tell you who does.

Have fun with your new skis. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the advice, everybody. I plan to have lots of fun with my new 1080s!

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I like Ski Chalet, the owner is solid and he will go to great lengths to please a customer- Highly recommended. They have gone through shop techs, however, and so I cannot comment on the quality of work anymore, but it's probably going to be pretty good.

I think the best shop is the demo/repair shop at SkiBowl. Call ski Bowl and use ex.244- just talk to them, you'll see. I'm taking my Stockis there for a base grind and tune this weekend and also my new AK launchers for mounting. It kind of a long drive for someone with torn leg muscles who ain't going to be skiing anytime soon- I think that they're that good.

You know Suebrown, the Portland Bears frequently gather for beer at one of the local brewpubs, care to join us?
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Beer? I like beer.

My skis are at the Mountain Shop even as we speak because, well, it's quite convenient. Not quite as convenient as US Outdoor, but they screwed up the base grind/tune of my 11.20's, and therefore they will not be working on any more of my equipment. The Mountain Shop mounted my 9.18's and did a fine job a couple years ago. I'll pick them up tomorrow and test them out Saturday and Sunday. Come on, Snow!

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I've had good experiences with Mountain Shop's ski techs. They suck at bootfitting, however, as does everyone else in Portland.

Okay, time to rev up the Portland beer gathering thread...it's been a while...
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Has anyone had good/bad experiences with Hillcrest in Gresham?
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Hillcrest is very good. Ski Chalet is great for boot fitting! See John. He knows the foot structure and has done fitting for years.

sorry Bad Rat- but John is great. He's not the guy they had 2 yrs ago.

Also Pauly at Hillcrest is great, but yoiu have to catch him at the right time.

Sue- I live here in P-town- Oregon City now. I teach ski at Cooper Spur. Anyone can mount the bindings for you. I'm certified. I can do it. Check at Gart. All have the charts and the templates and are about the same price. But please wax your new skis!!! If there is any wax on your new skis it is only storage/shop wax... ok for about a 1/2 day. Bob
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