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Wolf Creek - Pagosa Springs Area - Resort Conditions and Recommendations for Restaurants etc

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Hi Everyone


So heading to Wolf Creek prior to some work in the Co Springs area...Staying in Pagosa Springs for a night or two...Has anyone skied there this weekend? I am bringing the new TSTs out for some fun although wondering if primarily packed powder? will ski the blacks and blues primarily including some tree skiing.....I have my Sultans in 85 waist whic may be better for these conditions but trying to avoid bringing two sets since heading from NY area....Also any recommendations for decent hotels and restaurants in Pagosa Spings would be great although I hear its pretty low key. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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Chuckl - great idea.  I've tacked Wolf Creek days onto several business trips over the years.  In fact, I'm going to be there next week (Dec 3-4).  WHen are you going?


I've done Wolf Creek coming from Colorado Springs, although more often coming up from Albuquerque.

The drive from CoSpgs is pretty easy.  The first part, going South on I-25, is the only place I've been where the posted speed limit is 75!

You go over a small pass, then a long, long flat river valley stretch.  There are miles and miles of abandoned railroad flatbed cars on the rail line parallel to the road.  I'd love to know the story behind them. I don't remember for sure, but I don't think it gets steep again until  you pass South Fork. 


I've stayed on both sides (Pagosa Springs and South Fork).  South Fork is closer from the CoSpgs side, although there isn't much there. Although I did have a pretty good steak there -- forget the name of the restaurant, it was kind-of log-cabinish decor.  On that side, the small towns of Del Norte and Monte Vista aren't that far back; I meant to look around for quirky local diners or ethnic restaurants, but never got around to it.


On the Pagosa side, the Mexican restaurant overlooking the springs is just ok - nothing wrong with it, but I'm not going to make a point of going back.  There are more options over there, though I can't remember where I ate.  Going to the hot springs is worth doing once, just because it is so surreal walking down steps that have been salted to keep ice off in your bare feet.  Each pool  has a chalkboard with its current temperature.  We decided to do the whole experience, and included the river in our circuit.  (To be honest, though, I think there is some warm-water leakage into the river -- it didn't feel much worse than the New England Atlantic on a warm summer day.) 


For lodging, I've always figured it is not going to be luxe, so I might as well go for local color and cheap.

On the South Fork side, I stayed at the "Wolf Creek Ski Lodge" http://www.wolfcreekranchco.com/home.aspx.

Very basic, but very close to the skiing (the closest place on that side, and maybe on either side).


On the Pagosa Springs side, I stayed at the High Country Lodge http://www.highcountrylodge.com/  A little nicer, and it is the closest to the ski area on that side.  The only thing I didn't like was that breakfast doesnt start till 7 am.  I like to have a leisurely breakfast, and then get ready to go skiing.  Since the lifts start at 8:30, and it is 24 miles away (plus time to park, put on boots, buy ticket, etc), I couldn't do it that way.  There is also an interesting looking restaurant right next door (maybe same owners?) that I haven't tried yet.


As for the skis, I'm just bringing my Coombas.  But then that's what I usually ski everywhere these days.

Wolf Creek has only short, isolated steeps.  They are easy to avoid, if that is what you want to do.  (On the other hand, if you are looking for steeps, its really just the hike-to at the top and the Waterfall area, so you need to make sure you go there.)  The whole left side looking up at the hill is trees, mostly pretty mellow.  I have found good powder there several days after a torm.  Keep your speed up on the final run-out of the Alberta lift, or you will be walking at the end.  


Have fun, it's a great place.


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Hello;  you might try Alpine Inn  970-731-4005.  It is on the other side of town making your drive a little further, but it is a good hotel with a decent and early breakfast.  John the owner operator is a great guy and avid skier who can give you good advice on where to ski etc.  More restraunts on that side of town.  I was just there for three days this week and the skiing was great.  Alberta peak had decent powder and Horsehoe bowl had excellent powder.  The tree runs on either side of Horsehoe bowl really had great and in some cases untouched powder. I ski K2 coombacks, and they are good for just about anything there except for really deep days when I break out the Pontoons. When you get to the flat the traverse back to the lift can be a pain, but it is usually worth it.  Enjoy, Enjoy.       

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Thanks for the Alpine endorsement.  I saw them on a search and was considering them.  Might try them this time.


Is anybody going to be there when I am (3-4 Dec) and feel like doing a few runs together?

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Hi guys


OUTSTANDING feedback....Thank you very much... I am heading out this Tuesday mdf so sorry to miss you this time out. I will also check out the Alpine Inn too as I like the idea of the owner giving the ins of what to hit! I will let you know how I make out and try to take some pictures.


I appreciate the feedback once again...




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Another vote for Alpine Inn.  Until a couple weeks ago I lived in Pagosa.  For eats try Pagosa Brewery, Kip's, Alley House, Aspen Moose, Nello's, Colorado Cafe for breakfast.  I'm honestly not a big Wolf Creek fan (hence my moving to Park City) but they are 100% open.

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thanks for the feedback as I just returned to col springs from 2 days at work creek...thanks for the advice as I hit Kips and a place called the Bear something or other for dinner.....Kips was a trip since Michelle who worked there knew of my local saloon back in NJ.....thought the high country lodge was fine.....I spent most of my time off of the Alberta lift but also checked out the rest of the mountain...my new armada tsts were so much fun....Part of me wants to stay since a storm is coming but have to head back east...And MDF indeed the railroad thing was quite intriguing during the drive!...I will absolutely go back

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