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Looking for "the right ski" & getting confused!

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I've been skiing on a pair of Dynastar S9 skis for about 17 years. I still love them when the conditions are right - groomed or hard packed. They're fast, light, carve like a dream and I love the way they power me out of a turn. Last winter was the first time in years that I got in more than 30 days of skiing. Almost every day that I was out there I would get comments about them: snide ones from younger skiers who couldn't believe I was on such long straight boards, and admiring comments from older guys (like me) who remembered what a great ski it was (and still is). 


But I think I'm due for a change. Here's what I want: a ski that can make short quick turns, is stable at high speed, and carves like a dream. That describes my old S9. But in addition I want something a little more suitable to crud and bumps. I'm 61, 5'11" and 200 pounds. I ski in Vermont and Western MA. On a good day I'm an expert. On a bad day I'm and advanced intermediate.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Have you ever skied on a modern shaped ski, and do you ski with your feet close together?



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The most important thing for you to look at is what is called the ski's footprint. That is the three measurements at the skis widepoint at the tip and tail combined with the skis narrowest point at the waist (underfoot). Based on the information that you provided about your skiing I would not suggest that you get on a ski wider than 75mm underfoot. When you suggest the type of ski you want then throw in crud and bumps that threads the needle a bit more. Regradless, if you get a ski no shorter than 170cm and no longer that 175cm with a waist width between 70-75mm that is medium stiffness you should have the ski you are looking for!

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The "right ski" is just to the right of that "left" ski that you already have. wink.gif


Wow, S9's, silver/red ones or the yellow ones? That was a ripper of a ski. I had a pair of G9's that I had a ton of fun on. Back in those days slalom skis like the S9 were the ski of choice for us easterners, we skied them, usually in a 201-205...now slalom skis are much more specialized and come in a max length of a 165. Back then we scoffed at high performance "all mountain" skis, we referred to them as "doctor" skis, now those skis are very good skis and where most of us skied race skis back then, now with them being more specialized, we are skiing really good all mountain boards.


Now, width is the new length, better skiers are skiing wider skis now but a bit shorter, you will be looking at skis in the "upper 170's-low 180's for a length and where your S9's were 60mm underfoot, now looking at a ski that is 80+/- in that dimension. Skis that come to mind for you shopping list...


In the SUV range (80+mm underfoot):

Kastle MX78/88 

Blizzard 8.1/8.7

Rossignol Experience 88


In sports car range (low 70mm underfoot):

Kastle RX

Dynastar Course Ti

Blizzard G-Force

Nordica FireArrow 74


Any of those skis will perform to a level that you are used to with your S9 yet be a ton more versatile than your S9 ever was. They will also be much more fun in the bumps too (the SUV's more so though)


Now..these skis DO ski different and I would suggest a lesson so you can get the modern technique that will help you maximize the fun factor of these modern skis. If you have been skiing an S9 for the two decades you have been, I have no doubt that you have skills, it is just a matter of adjusting for a modern ski. A good lesson or two will help you a ton, I would suggest an older Level III that also spent much time on on SL's too. 


Boots, are the boots as old as the skis? If so...you might want to upgrade that Pink Panther/Sam Marco/Salomon 9.1/Nordica 981 or whatever early 90's boot that you have too biggrin.gif


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For the past 6 years I've skied a bunch of shaped skis, but just a few times a year while on business in CA - usually performance rentals - I know that's an oxymoron but that's what they call them. I ski with my feet about apart - about shoulder width, maybe a bit less. My biggest complaints were: 1. They all tended to wobble at high speed. 2. They didn't seem to carve as well. But that could be my fault

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My S9's are silver and red. First time I got on them I practically did a wheelie coming out of my first turn. I had never been on high performance skis before and was caught off guard as they accelerated me out of the turn. But that's what I grew to love the best about them. They're still in prime shape and I'll still use them in the mornings before things get skied out. Thanks for the advice.

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Head Titan or Supershape Magnum. Try to demo both the 170 and 177s to figure out which length works for you. And like the others said, time for new boots if you haven't upgraded them already.


(I don't work for Head or have any affilation, but think that for a piste specific ski, there's not much better out there. If I were out east, I'd have a pair of Worldcup i.Speeds.)

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