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Cartilege problems / rocker skis

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Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on whether rocker skis would be better for knee pain (2 arthroscopies in past 2 years, microfracture, grade 3 & 4 damage)?  Seen a couple of comments elsewhere that indicate they might be due to easier and quicker edge transitions and prepared to give fairly much anything a go if it increases the chances of continuing to ski, but also don't want to sidelined much loved Kastles unless there's a good reason...

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Short Answer: they might, but they might not.


long(er) Answer: a rockered ski will give a less aggressive entry to the turn, the shovels tend to not 'hook-up' and pull you into the turn as powerfully as a non-rockered ski. This might be really good, if the ski smears more cleanly without hooking it will put less stress on soft tissue... unless you are throwing the skis sideways at higher speeds and allowing them to skid sideways causing chatter and more vibration to go through the knees.


I'd say it comes down to technique, if you are balanced and commit to the edge during each turn then a rockered ski might be better on the knees. If you ski fast and aggressive, using muscle strength to push the skis onto edge, they will be just as bad.

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Not only will they be easier to turn ,but I believe they are much safer on my knees as they are much less likely to catch an edge.And the wide ones are much easier to recover balance.I love my JJ's

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Rocker or no rocker wont effect your knees.  But ski width will.  Wider skis are harder on the knees then narrower ones.  Since rockered skis tend to be could generalise they will be harder on the knees, but of course that is not always true.  Further the type of snow matters deep powder the extra width wont hurt the knees as much and infact may actually be less since you float more.  But if you are on harder snow, narrower skis are definaltey easier on the knees.

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Here's an angle.  


Rocker skis tend to be fatter skis.  One revelation I had when skiing on big fat rockers is that landings (even on a drop of a foot or two) are way more gentle.  If that sort of thing is part of your skiing, fat rockers might help your knees.


er.... of course if the snow is rock hard, landings are still gonna jar your knees a fair bit.

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That is a different question for sure... When I first rode spatula's "back in the day" they would drift on the hardpack on the way back to the lift until I figured them out (ride your heels), so the drifting could be bad... but I'd really boast the opposite since you can ski way easier, therefor have less fatigue etc.... Get some Praxis BPS!

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