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I just got back from a Training Camp that was out at Vail. We trained drills every morning on the racing portion of hill until our lane space opened up at 2. Vail was not ideal for training drills, as we were very cramped in free skiing space, but the gate training was phenominal. I feel like I can tackle any midwest course set after skiing at the steeper pitches that Vail offered. One day we had lane space in an injected lane and was the stuff ever weird. The ice was bullet proof, but far more "slippery" than any of the midwestern ice i've raced on before. I cannot believe how much better I got at this camp, and didn't notice it until we free skied Loveland on the final day of the camp. It was sweet seeing the Italians and the Germans training right next to us, as well as some of the US Ski Team. Harvard was there one day and they set a course with a tape measure (gaper move right?). 

This is just a message to any parents that are riding the fence on sending any of their kids out west to an early season race camp. I know they are expensive, but totally worth it. 


And I did get a picture with Lindsey Vonn. :)