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Boot fitter conflict of interest

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Hey boot fitters.


Hope everyone is well.


I went to a boot fitter yesterday and got a good fitting done. It was really cool to see the differences between my current boots and what they to put me in.


Firstly: I'm 23

5'11. 160lbs

Aggressive skier. Probably a level 8. I ski 20 times a year (hard since I live in Toronto) usually spend most my time out west with a few weekends in the east. Prefer steep terrain to bumps.


The fitter recommended I try the Atomic Hawx 100 size 26.5. He was sure this was the best boot for me and didn't think I needed to try anymore. The boot felt okay but I had some painful pressure on the inside part of my foot near the bridge... under the ankle bone. We put in an insole (Superfeet green) and it made all the difference. The perfect fit.


Problem solved right? Wrong! All in, the boot was going to cost me $700 and that's well out of my range. The conflict of interest came when he said we couldn't put me in anything cheaper....


Can you recommend boots that fit like this or offer other suggestions?

I figured looking for the Hawx 100 from last year - but I can't find them anywhere!


What about the Atomic Tracker 100? I see this is 98mm last fit.. is the 2 mm a noticeable difference? Any others I can look for?


Please help!!!! I'm going to CO in 3 weeks!!!







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There are plenty great boot fitters in CO!  We can help you find one if you tell us where you will be skiing.


There are plenty of options for your feet, whatever they may be shaped like.


If you are a good skier, a suitable boot for your needs will be more expensive, that's just the way it is.


Compromise is your choice.


Value is the goal.

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strange that he couldn't put you in something cheaper, and didn't.   That might be the perfect boot for you, but only your foot will know that, and if he is right, then spending the extra 5 min, will test this (and usually close the sale too)


just seems pushy and strange, but glad that the hawk fits you

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He was a young kid. Probably 16 or 17. He really seemed to know what he was talking about but very little patience.


I'll be skiing at Loveland, Vail, Breck, and Winter Park. In that order -  Boot fitter recommendations?


Is the fit of a 98mm boot much different then a 100mm?

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Without a doubt, pay a visit to Greg Hoffman's "Ski Boot Fitting" crew in Vail.  They can set you up in the right boots then if you need a tweek here or there you can just stop in their on slope shop at mid mountain for adjustments.  He's the bomb!

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"Is the fit of a 98mm boot much different then a 100mm".


Yes, if it was a shoe the 98mm is a narrow fit where the 100mm is a normal or medium fit. Go see Greg in Vail.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped


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