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Bootfitters or good boot shops in Vancouver

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As I can't find anything more recent than 2009, I thought I'd resurrect this subject. (no replies in Ask the Boot Guys, either)


I need to find boots for my wife.  She's a beginner, cautious in style.  Can anyone recommend a good shop or actual bootfitter in Vancouver?  (We live in Victoria, but it's been described as a ski-store wasteland... so I'm assuming Vancouver is our nearest decent option).


I was fairly impressed with the folks at Comor a while back, and people here used to recommend SnowCovers.


Any comments?


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Destination in North Van did an excellent job with my gf's ridiculous ballet feet, and fitting is included in their price.


Comor at 4th and Burrard has a couple of people who really know their stuff, people who migrated over from Snowcovers.


Fanatyk Co in Whistler is highly recommended as well.


I'd shy away from Snowcovers at this time. They have faced some personnel issues since being acquired by Skiis and Biikes and have lost a lot of their long-serving really good people. If you need something like sole canting, they're one of the few places that has the equipment, but make sure the need for such measures is diagnosed by someone who knows their stuff.

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I can tell by your question you know the right boots fitted properly are going to be crucial to her ability and desire to progress and be your ski partner. If you are coming over to the Mainland you may as well go up to Whistler and do it right. You're talking several hundred dollars plus ferry fare so why not? I'm familiar with Top Shelf in Fernie (excellent) and they have opened a shop in Whistler but there are many other great shops and fitters to choose from. Have a nice lunch, show her the Village, do some power shopping and plant the seeds for a vacation later in the season. Win/win!

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I actually just got my boots at Snowcover/Skiis and Biikes.  The guy that helped me is pretty awesome and did a great job.  His name is Toby.


Comor is also just a 2 min walk away so you could check them out as well, although the guy that helped me there was kind of rude. 

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Thanks folks...


Interesting to hear about the migration to Comor on 4th from Snowcovers.


As for Whistler, we are coming over to Van for family reasons, so sneaking off to Whistler (although it sounds great), is pretty much a no go.  If Comor doesn't work out, we will be in Whistler at some point this season, so it might happen later on.

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The only advice I can give is buyer beware.


The more you know, the greater chance you have of getting somthing that works.   Educate yourself on boots and boot fitting.  It isnt hard.  Alignment might start to get complicated...and actually resolving issues might take some skill...but dont let the scare you off from learning the basics, armed with the basics you will know alot more then most "boot fitters" out there.  Trust me on this.  


You should understand her foot width, and know the width of the boots you are buying.  Not sure...ask, if they dont know.  Leave.  But dont just take their word for it.... "look" at the boot, narrow boots look narrower then wide boots....because they are! Double check on the net the boot dimensions too...again alot of "boot fitters" dont know and just make numbers up.  Dont think there is big difference from a 98mm last vs 102 last?  There is a huge difference.


Take the liner out and look at the heel pocket, is it wide? Narrow?  What do you need..ie does she have a wide or narrow heel?


Do your own shell fit for lenght...again this isnt hard to do. 


Does her heel lift when she flexes forward?

Can her foot twist or rotate up in the boot?

(these things can be fixed....but you need to understand if these issues exist first)


Look at the instep hieght, is it high, low, what does she have?


After looking at a few boots it wont be hard for you to start noticing the differences.


Comor has lifted their game substantially (well the Whistler shop did anyway) the Vancouver shop was absoluttley clueless.  I overheard them once tell a customer trying on boots that it was normal for her heel to move around 3/4"-1"! But if they know have the 4th ave snow cover guys that is a good thing, those guys did know their stuff.  The Snowcovers in Van is worth a try too.


Snowcovers in Whistler has definatley lost the bulk (all?) of its knowledable staff.



I am not suggesting you dont need someone who knows....but if you do some basic research yourself, you can weed out pretty easily who knows, and who doesnt.  Most dont.


When in doubt on sizes, pick the smaller pair.  Almost all beginners end up with boots 2 sizes too big.


Take some measurments and photos and post in the "Ask the Boot Guys"...they should be able to point you in the right direction also.


Final point fittting beginners is one of the hardest boots to fit.  Experts and racers are easy.  Why? Because experts know what the boot should feel like, they can say, it is too this or too that...beginners have no reference.


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I would recommend the Swiss Sports Haus, 490-15th street, West Vancouver. Their bootfitter is Paul and his cell # is 604-220-4635. After being unsuccessful in locating a Technica Cochise in my size (very few were brought into BC, possibly none in size 25) I had a long and very helpful phone conversation with Paul about doing a refit of my current boots myself as I am at Sun Peaks and won't be in Vancouver any time soon. I am very appreciative of the fact that Swiss Sports Haus was not going to make any $ from me but Paul was offering a lot of great free info over the phone.

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