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Pasting photos

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I have had trouble pasting photos. On my screen when I am drafting a post, the photo shows up. However, when I submit, the post in the thread has no photo. Is there something special I need to do? I have had the same trouble using Mozilla and Explorer.

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try the image insert button (two to the left of the paper clip) and upload the photo from your computer

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The image insert allows photos to be uploaded from your computer, and there is also a tab that allows the photo to be imported from a URL.  The advantage of either of those methods is that the image is hosted on the servers with this site, and the image becomes part of your default album.  It is far less likely that the link will be broken as compared to simple copy and paste, which does work well normally.  I have done whole trip reports doing the copy and paste thing.


Read more about making an Image Album

Read the Image and Video Tutorial

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