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I think I bought these March of 2009, got a few days on them that season and then used them winters of 09/10 and 10/11, so two seasons and likely 30ish days on them as I have a good size quiver. Very good condition with no damage to the skis. They will need their first tune. If you look at the base photos, there is one scratch that is about as wide and half as deep as the lead in a #2 pencil in the last photo.  It will come out with the needed stone grind.

Good review here:

I am only selling as I finally scored a great deal on some 185 Movement Source skis, so it is time to move my trusty MR's to the next guy.

$285 shipped in the lower 48.

MRs 002.jpg

MRs 001.jpg

MRs 003.jpg

MRs 004.jpg

MRs 005.jpg

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