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SVST Stone Kits

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I tune a lot of race skis.  I don't use regular files except to set the edge.  I have been using the Swix Diamond Files but I thought I might make a change.


Any opinions on the SVST Pro Stone Kit versus the WC Stone Kit?  I know the WC has both cutting and polishing stones but I'd prbably still cut with Diamond Files to 600 and then polish. 


I guess the question is:  is the WC worth the extra and are the polishing stones in each different?


Also, would the cutting stones in the WC version replace a diamond file?



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Moonflex Diamond files are the ticket.


I use an arkansas true hard stone to polish after diamonds. Side edges only, of course!

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I talked with the people at SVST about exactly this topic and the cutting stones do about the same thing as the diamond files. After the conversation, I got 4 Moonflex diamond files and a set of 4 of the polishing stones. I only use the polishing stones when I have a big race or I will not be able to do my edges for several days skiing but I should use them more often they make a beautiful edge, super smooth and like a mirror.

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Diamond vs. ceramic:


Visualize the surface of a diamond stone as a flat plain studded with sharp rocky spires. Conversely an aluminum oxide stone is a flat surface erratically scored by canyons. The protrusive diamonds cut more aggressively than the flatter aluminum oxide stones, even if the stones have a similar grit rating. The result is that aluminum oxide stones don't cut base edges as quickly, thereby reducing the chance of over-beveling them. If you are using diamond stones, use a light touch to avoid over beveling. This is a significant consideration for base beveling.


Arkansas stones are natural stones of various hardness and surface quality. These stones will hone your edge without "sanding" it as with a diamond stone.

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I decided to go full out with the SVST stones a couple seasons back.  I still predominantly use Moonflex though - here's why...


Stones require additional regular maintenance to ensure that they are flat and groove free (unlike Moonflex).  As you work with a stone, micro (or macro) grooves will form on the surface of the stone from contact with the ski edge.  If you continue to work with a stone that is grooved it will dull the edge since the stone is now "wrapping" around the corner of your ski edge.  So you must be very diligent in checking your stones constantly while working with them.  Some of the softer grit stones are more susceptible than the more aggressive stones. 


I also have a super hard knife honing stone (not SVST) that actually does a very nice job for edge polishing without developing grooves.  However, it cannot sharpen a ski edge without a lot of work.  So my advice is to stick to Moonflex (100, 200, 400, 600 grits at least) for sharpening and regular maintenance.  Nothing beats a Moonflex for diamond files (and I've tried many, many others).

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