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Confused about Atomics

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I bought a pair of Atomic skiis at a ski swap a few months ago and I'm curious as to what they were designed for. They say Beta V 8.24, yes 8.24 not 8.20 on them and EVDS on the top, but I can't find anything about them even on Atomic's web site. It's like they don't exist. I'm an intermediate to expert skiier, and I assume these were designed to suit the needs of someone below that level, but I'm just a bit curious. By the way tho, they work great in lots of different conditions, especially in the tight trees where I hang out.
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The Atomic website has only current gear. Swaps generally sell out of current line merchandise. The V 8.24 is the forerunner of the V 8.20.
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thanks man, I figured something close to that. BTW, got to use them in some high speed chop today and found that they wallowed a bit, its ok, I still outskiied my buddies.
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