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How I Became a Life Long RaceWax.com Customer

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It all started a few months ago.  

I ski with a fairly successful East Coast ski team.  We practice and race 3-4 days a week in season, which requires a significant amount of tuning and wax (a lot of wax).  We've done big team buy-in on waxes in the past, but overall it's pretty much been up to each race family to figure out their own wax situation.  This year we decided early enough that we were going to do a wax buy-in and save some money.  Then just a couple weeks ago we found out that the supplier wouldn't be able to give us the price we wanted.  This was about a week before we wanted to order.


I immediately thought of Dr. D and the RaceWax.com team who had been helpful to me in the past.  I'd ordered a couple of their products before and had been impressed by their waxes.  I sent Dr. D a PM to see if he could help me out.  He emailed me back almost immediately and offered to set us up with some team pricing.  That was about 3 days ago.  


Since then I've been exchanging 8-10, or more, emails a day with Marc.  He has been exceptionally helpful-- advising and assisting at every step.  He is even special ordering a couple products we need that RaceWax.com doesn't usually stock.  He replies quickly and concisely to all my emails, at all hours of the day it seems!  


Next let me just mention price.  Dr. D has the lowest price.  Period.  Even before he gave us team pricing, his prices were lower than anything else I've seen at stores or online.  The normal consumer pricing on Swix waxes from RaceWax.com are all lower than Swix charges for waxes at race team pricing.  He's able to give us a lower price than our original distributor was going to in the first place so I guess it was a blessing in disguise that he backed out!  I can honestly say that I don't believe you will find a cheaper price on ski wax or tuning gear anywhere.  


Marc has been amazing, we could not have asked for a better company to be getting our gear from.  His attention to detail and knowledge of every product he sells makes me wish our distributor stopped offering us the prices we wanted year ago.  I can absolutely and truly say that I will be a RaceWax.com customer for the rest of my life.  


Check them out at RaceWax.com and please do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions about my experience ordering from them.

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As a race parent, I second everything you said about Dr. D. and racewax.com.

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I love Racewax myself and have used them for years.  The rare times when I use a "famous" brand (normally I just use his HC waxes..I'm not a racer), he's had the best prices on those as well.  

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Just sharing a quick experience about racewax. A couple of months ago I ordered some wax, some ski brakes and a scraper from racewax. Instead of the scraper, they sent me a diamond stone by mistake. I called up, explained the situation and the nice lady that answered the phone told me she would call back shortly. She called back and told me to keep the diamond stone, and they would be shipping me a scrapper ASAP. In a couple of days I got my new scraper and an awesome racewax bottle opener which I use ALL the time. Exceptional service.

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Wow...maybe I should start ordering scrapers, much cheaper than paying for diamond stones....

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