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Giro Tune Ups Accesories

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I was pulling all my ski gear out for a couple of trips in December and am missing the volume/mute cord that attaches one end to the iPod and the other to the speakers that go into my helmet.


I've searched online and cannot find a place that sells the individual cord.


So I'm curious before I buy an entire new Giro Tune Ups setup, is there anywhere that anyone knows of where I can buy the specific volume/mute cord I referenced above?

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You now have a perfectly good excuse to upgrade to a Bluetooth setup, you will like it so much more.  I always found the wires to be a major pain in the ass.

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Giro does not sell individual pieces of the Tune Ups

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I might be able to locate the one I had for my old helmet and send it to you if you're interested.  

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I use an monster iezclick with my giro tuneups in my vantage. It plugs into the bottom of your iPod and uses a wireless remote that can be strapped to your arm. Works even in -30c with your gloves on. Don't think they make them anymore but you can find them cheap on eBay.
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If you can't find one, any regular 3.5mm male to male stereo plug should work (I don't have my wife's helmet in front of me, but I'm pretty sure). Obviously you'll lose the in line vol/mute but it will only cost a buck or two. You can then couple it with any in line volume control/ipod control you want.




This is a combination of the above, but only has fwd/play/rev, no volume control.


Hunt around and you can probably find a combo you like.

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Actually you can order parts....


Shipping isn't the fastest, but I've used them in the past for replacement parts.

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