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Considering between 2011 K2 AMP Shockwave vs 2011 K2 AMP Rictor

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Hi everyone :)


I'm a newbie here so please forgive me if I don't know the protocols. I would like to get some opinion on the above skis from you guys :)


I have been skiing for several years now and progressed from green to easy blue slopes and after buying a new pair of stiffer ski boots, I've been doing blue slopes more regularly now. I'm looking to progress to difficult blues and doing blacks comfortably in the future but my current skis are probably not too suitable for that.


I'm 175cm (5'9") and ~82kg (180lbs). My current skis are 155cm old rental Nordica freefour skis and great for initiating turns but becomes squirrelly at faster speeds and the edge grip is not too good. I reckon I would classify myself as an Intermediate and would like to get new technology skis which would allow me to get into skiing blues easily without being overpowering but still allow me to progress over time.


I've been doing my research and would like to focus on only K2 skis, the Shockwave and Rictor. I am leaning towards the Shockwave as it seems to be more forgiving and flexible for someone of my level but the local store is having a discount and the rictor is only 20 dollars more expensive than the shockwave. I am tempted to get the rictor with its hybritech sidewall and metal laminate technology but am afraid that it is 1 grade above my level and I would have trouble getting used to it. The reviews for the Rictor were all great (4.5-5/5 stars) while the shockwave was more lukewarm (3-4stars).


Also, for the shockwave, the length of the ski would be 163cm while the rictor will be 160cm.


Thanks for your help guys!

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It sounds like you could go with either ski and be happy, but I do not think the Rictor in the 160 length would be "too much" ski for you.  The Shockwave would almost certainly perform well for you, but the Rictor will leave a bit more growing room for more difficult terrain and really should not be too stiff for your current ability.

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*bump* :)


Since there has been a few views on my thread, I decided that I would give an update on the skis I chose and mini-review the ski is as I'm sure there could be a few intermediates out there who may be considering these skis :)


So, I did initially buy the K2 Shockwave and then spent a few days 'hmming-hawing' on it and worrying if they were suitable or not. Reviews on the Rictor considered it an advanced-expert ski and I would classify myself more a lower intermediate skier. Subsequently, the local store had one of those black friday sales (I'm sure you know those ;) ) and I could get a 50% off deal on the K2 rictor (basically,they were just 20 dollars more than the K2 shockwave which had a similar deal too) so I went ahead and changed into the K2 rictor and also chose the 167cm length due to the rocker technology. I'm 5'9" and 180lbs and the skis reach my forehead.


Starting off at an easy groomed blue slope on a light snowy day, I definitely could feel the difference in length between my old 155cm skis and the 167cm K2 rictor. There was some initial 'trying not to cross my skis' confusion but I settled into the skis pretty quickly. I AM very surprised how easy it was to initiate a turn (which I reckon was due to the rockers). What was even better was the increased stability of the skis which allowed me to go much faster and feel more confident and EVEN better, the edge grip was fantastic as certain parts of the slope was firm hard pack with light snow dusting but tipping the skis more could allow me sufficient control for my turn. [Btw, I'm out west and ski in the rockies which get quite a bit of snow-fall :P]


All-in-all, it was a fantastic ski! I was happy that I didn't go with the shockwave which does NOT have a metal laminate. That would probably have made the skis more flexible and forgiving. Since I'm trying to move to difficult blues and easy blacks, I am happy with the stiffness of the Rictor instead. Therefore, I would recommend intermediates to just go ahead and get this ski and not worry about it being difficult to handle.


From this view, I guess that an aspiring beginner-intermediate could handle the K2 shockwave too~


Just my two cents everyone!

Thanks to skiessentials who gave me his feedback :)


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