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huge ski length mistake? - Prophet 100's - bit of help

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I'm becoming slightly anxious about an off-season decision on ski length I made.  Would like some quick thoughts if you have any.


I've been on skiboards for over 15 years.  (your jokes are super, but for another time, thanks)

I ski 15-20 days a year, 3 trips out west and the rest VT. 

I can ski any terrain, and I do so pretty well.  I manage just fine out west in everything but the real deal off piste stuff.


I finally rolled over (10 years late) and last spring said it was time to get skis.  (I only will buy line's).  After a bunch of reading I went with the prophet 100's from 2 yrs ago. I'm 5'11 190


Seeing a huge $ deal, I jumped on it, and got 165's. Screwy logic or not.... I figured coming off of 99 in length, this 165 length could ease me into skiing, being that:

1) the balance is going to be so different

2) typically enjoying trees and bumps and steep wherever possible; feeling the lankiness of the skis would not let me do that out of the gate and that would frustrate me.

3) was thinking that maybe in 2 seasons once I have some ski legs under me I will get the more appropriate 179 or even 186 length. 


Starting to think I made a big mistake and they might get a little squirelly on me on groomers, or given the slight early rise these things might even ski like 155, and my dumpy arse just shouldn't be on them...be it safety reasons or otherwise.


Really excited to get going this season.  Do I need to try to sell brand new skis with brand new bindings and make a big repurchase?

Clearly something I don't want to do, and cant really afford it, but will do if I really truly have to...


Thanks for any input on this.

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ya i'd say they are short for you.


You'd be happier in the 175 length, although optimally you'd be in the mid 180s.  Given you have used snowblades for a long time, the 165 shouldn't feel too odd for you. But in all reality, a proper sized ski would be better. Though if you ski mostly east, the 165 might be ok. The real issue with skis that are too short for someone bigger is thatthe edge will sometimes break away since they are designed for someone lighter -- especially at higher speeds. A longer ski also gives you more fore-aft stability and room for mistakes.


Look at the WC SL skis at 165cm long -- so its possible but those are stiff as 2x4s and they are all over the ski. SL racers flirt with disaster almost every turn because of the lack of stability and how much they are pushing their skis.


enjoy the switch to skis.


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Shoal007 covered all that can be said.  Although I must say, 15 years on snowblades? Wow????????  I admire your guts in admitting that.

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Hey you never know, you might love it.... but probably not. You need something in the 180 range. Even at that width... Francis or Pollard in 175+ would be fun. 

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Assuming you don't reside under a bridge, please post photos/video of you on either your snowlerblades or your new kiddie skis so we can do a serious MA and make some suggestions.

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165 is too short, especially for a soft snow biased ski with an early rise tip. Did you mount them yet?

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I'm going to say the opposite of everyone else. I think you will be fine with the 165cm length, it's not ideal, but as you said, you spent 15 years on 99cm blades, stability won't be a problem.


If you didn't already own the ski, I'd say look at a longer length, but it sounds like they are mounted. Your going to take a loss on a resale, might as well ski them first to see how they feel to you. You can always go longer next time you buy skis.

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Good one.

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Appreciate all the input guys. 


As many of you allude to, I certainly already KNOW I am not on the ideal length of ski, my question was almost slightly more of a mechanical/technical one in a way.  I already own these skis and have bindings on them.  So the question becomes:  should I sell these suckers because either a) the edge/length won't actually be able to hold me or b) when I try to speed through groomers, given my weight i'm going to chatter 100% of the time and be frustrated  c) its unsafe. ? ----- If so, it might make sense to cut losses and sell them as a package now before they get even slightly used. 


But if the answer is "dude, you're a tool for being on blades for so long, get with the program.  179's are better than 165's" - then I'll probably just stay with the shorter length 165 ski for a couple of seasons.


again, thanks. 

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If they're mounted then you don't have anything to lose by trying them out first.

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Okay, he's serious.  If you are willing to ski snowlerblades for that long, 165's to ease you in will be fine.  There is nothing "unsafe" about it, they are just pretty damn short.  They also shouldn't chatter due to your weight, those two aren't even related.  The metal matrix in those will support you just fine most likely.   If you already paid for em, go ski and find out if you like them, then demo a pair of something you think you might want.  That should tell you if you should sell and repurchase.  But please, please post a video of yourself.  I have a hard time believing you really exist.  Are you sure you didn't pick up a 165 monoski?

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After 15 yeasr on blades you are going to have a very good sense of fore/aft balance (being centred); like the other posters, you could have gone longer, but with your well developed sense of balance I'm sure you will rip.

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i love having skis of differing lengths in my shed.  165 is the shortest i use, (i weigh 30 lbs less than the OP, and my 165s are flat tails, so i can't say i have any experience with that high of a weight/length ratio), but if he's coming from sub 100cm, i'm sure he'll be thrilled with the 165s.  i'd say they'll likely a good stepping stone to a more typically sized ski. 


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Well I myself am 6`0 ft and 165 and ski the 179cm prophets and love them. I have also skied the prophet 90 in a 172cm and felt they were a little to short but still had fun on them. Like the guy above said ski them what do you have to lose. Try it for the year. And when they have demo days at your mountain that's when you can try all kinds of skis and sizes and really get feel what best is for you. Good luck on the ski season and new gear.

Happy Tracks!

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Either way you have to sell the new ones as second hand,  so you might as well have a ski on them  to utilize the capital loss on the skis.



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Hey slider09 welcome to epic ski. I have been looking for a nice pair of snowlerblades, are you going to sell yours? I was thinking about a pair of 89's do you think your 99's would be too long for me? I am 5'2 210# i looked in the gear swap and don't see any for sale there. What kind of binders are on them?

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^^^I laughed. Trollfest

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Still laughin'.  Good un.  I think those might chatter a little too much at 5'2'' 210. 

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Well thanks i was thinking i should loose some wait, but are you saying even slider09's 99's are too short? I was thinking i'd put tele binders on them to make it easier to walk from the parking lot to the lift?

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This is getting pretty weird!


Anyway, welcome to epicski, and since no post is as good w/o pics, please send pics of your naked snow blades (or you can substitute your gf).


Thanks, dude.

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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post

Well thanks i was thinking i should loose some wait, but are you saying even slider09's 99's are too short? I was thinking i'd put tele binders on them to make it easier to walk from the parking lot to the lift?



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