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Ski boots choice

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I am 20 year old man and I am skiing more than 30 days a year since I was 4. My old ski boots are not suitable for me anymore and I gathered some cash for a new ones.I am skiing mainly on groomers almost newer in powder. I am looking for atomic hawx boots - already had hawx 90 on my feet and it was something extraordinary - felt like I was wearing those boots since ever :) BUT I am kinda big (a little over 2 meters height and 160kg weight) and I felt like I am flexing the boots way too easily, I am aware of the fact that the boot flexing is diferent in the shop than on the slope but it still felt too soft. Are the higher series hawx boots a lot harder to flex ( the 110 ones) or should I just look for a diferent ski boots?


Thanks for your opinions


P.S sorry for my bad english I am from eastern europe and English is not my mother language

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If you like the fit of the Hawx Boot the 110 or 120 should be great for you. Do you really weigh 160KG 352LBS ?? If so the 120 should flex like butter for you. It might still be too soft.



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Sadly yes, had 160 kg 6 months ago and didnt get any smaller since then.


Well if its still too soft what other ski boots would you recommend to me?

Really like the hawx fit but then again I didnt test many boots.

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