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I was all set to pick up Calstar heli-evac insurance when I called the company for the details. It's a no go as it turns out. The location of the accident is the problem. the first responders and the 911 operators have the responsibility to see that the victim gets the fastest possible evacuation. If Calstar does not have a location near by, or reasonably near by, they will call a different helicopter service. If you have health care, your health care may pay for that. If you don't your Calstar membership will not pay for that, and you're still out $18K . I really need this, as I do not have it covered any other way, but Calstar is in South Lake Tahoe, and would likely not be called if an urgent situation was at Squaw, so I'm asking: any other programs available? Also a heads up to others in a similar situation; many expeditions now require their members carry helicopter evac insurance, so it's a good thing for several adventure sport activities.