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Three years ago I bought a pair of Elan 888s.  I bought them without much consideration because I got them new for under $200.  Before I mounted them I perused discussions here on Epic and a recommendation from one Bear, I don't remember who, led me to mount the bindings behind the factory recommended spot.


I have really enjoyed these skis, but after 2.75 seasons I was becoming concerned that maybe I had not done the right thing.  So, since these skis were only getting older I thought I would try remounting them to factory spec.  Guess what?  I have a fabulous new set of skis!


What a difference it made.  They are quicker, livelier, carve MUCH easier, and still can move like a raped ape if I need them to.  The only thing that isn't quite as good is their steadiness in crud, but it's a pretty small difference.


Anyway, this is a confessional.  I feel like I was an idiot.  I'll trust the folks who build the skis to know what they're doing from now on.