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New Ski suggestions

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Looking for some ideas on new skis. I have not looked at skis for a long time and it is hard to keep up with all the new technology.

I ski mostly at Mammoth Mountain and conditions vary greatly so looking for a do it all ski but something that can really handle crud and broken powder. I am seeing a lot of very wide skis these days and I am somewhat attracted to that idea but still want something that can be skiied on groomed runs. I don't ski very much and this might not seem realistic but I really want a ski that makes it easier for me to ski difficult terrain. Not looking for the fastest or most aggressive ski but something that will be fun. I am a runner and cyclist so I am in reasonable shape but I don't ski enough to be considered more than advanced intermediate. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I bought some ON3P Wrenegade's last year. They are fat but super fast and do very well with pretty much anything I throw at them - they are my everyday skis.  I couldn't be happier. Plus, they are handmade (very well) in the US and you're supporting a small company...which is a bonus in my mind.

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I'd check out some of the models by Ski Logik, the Rave and Ullr's Chariot would both be a good everyday fatter ski, especially the rockered version.  I skied my Howitzers at mammoth last season, and they were great for the fresh snow we got, but also ripped up the groomers on the way back!

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There is plenty of new ski discussion on these boards, and while I am happy to offer suggestions of particular brands and models, it will be much more productive if you browsethe available threads on the site to get some starting points.Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif  There are too many skis that fit your requirements, so you need to narrow it down a lot.  And telling your height/weight also helps.  



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Wow I guess there are some new brands out there. I am used to the big names like Salomon, K2, Rossignol, etc.

Are these new and I presume smaller companies putting out better skis?

I checked my skis I bought some years ago and they are Dynastar Omecarve 08.

When I bought them I thought they were wide skis but turns they are only 68mm at the waist.

One ski that seems interesting to me is the Fischer Watea 84.

Seems to have the characteristics I am looking for.

BTW, I am 5'8" 140 lbs.


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There are so many great local options to choose. PM Gear (, Moment (, Praxis ( are all made right here in the Sierra Nevada. And all made by people who are passionate about skiing around here. I think there's a place by the Shell station called Ski Renter that Demos PM Gear skis. I love skiing my Lhasa Pows when I'm at Mammoth. They're great for everything except the occasional boilerplate.


The big companies also make lots of great skis too. But it feels good to support the local guys.

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So after looking at these smaller newer ski companies I have some questions.


It seems most of these skis are longer than what I might need. Currently I am skiing 165. A lot of these skis are at least 10cm longer than that. Are they designed to be skied in a longer length? I think I could ski a longer ski but I am thinking 170cm max.


The width on these skis is generally over 100mm compared to 85mm of the all mountain skis I have been looking at.

Should i be concerned about this? I realize the wider ski will perform better in powder and crud but will it be harder to ski and how about on groomed runs?


Some these skis are described as park and pipe skis. I don't do either of these, my skis never leave the snow and for good reasons.


I do see the appeal of buying skis from a small upcoming company with new and different ideas.


After some more reasarch the Line Prophet 90 is looking like a contender. Is this too much ski for intermediate?



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Many of the skis you're looking at from the smaller indie companies have either rocker or early rise tip/tail.  This means they ski shorter than their actual length.  They will handle differently than a traditional cambered ski.  

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Given your size, where you ski, and what your concerns are, I'd be looking at the skis with waist width between 90 and 100, an with at least some rocker.  Other than that, there are too many brands to choose from and they all make good skis.  This board has plenty of reviews, posts and discussions to help you narrow a demo list.   I believe Mammoth has at least one good ski shop- Footloose, they should be able to set you up with a few demos.  The you will make an informed decision.   


P.S. Prophet 90 is a very fine ski.  

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Footloose is a good shop, bought my wife's boots there.

They carry Fischer and Line so maybe I could demo both.

The more I read about the Watea the more it seems like what I am looking for.

I found the Watea 94 170 cm  for $319, that is hard to pass up, I could just sell them if they don't work out.

I don't really ski enough to spend time and money demoing skis, plus its a giant PIA.



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The Watea 94 and Prophet 90 would be among those I'd suggest.  Honestly, based on your comment that you "don't ski very much and ... really want a ski that makes it easier ... to ski difficult terrain," you might also be the perfect candidate for a Salomon BBR.

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I am seeing a lot of suggestions here to go 90 or wider.

Any thoughts on 84 vs 94? I am thinking I might be sacrificing a little bit on the groomers with the 94 but would glad I had them in the powder and crud.

Even the groomers at Mammoth tend to have a lot of variable conditions with ruts, drifts, etc.

It seems Fischer rates the 84 as intermediate-advanced and the 94 as advanced, any reason for this?



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I haven't skied groomers at Mammoth on anything narrower than 90mm this century.  Sierra groomers aren't usually an issue.  If you want to develop a quiver with different skis for hard snow and soft snow, I'd go with something in the high 70s or 80s as a hard snow ski, but for an all-rounder, you want to be in the 90s.


I've not skied the 94, but have skied the 84.  I believe that the 84 is considered intermediate to advanced because it's pretty soft.


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Check out the BBR.  Seriously.  But demo it first before you purchase. 

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Agree with Alexzn on "waist width between 90 and 100, an with at least some rocker".  I weight about 148 and demo'ed a bunch last weekend in Loveland.  You sound like you will be on piste half the time.  A front only rocker will give you more of a traditional ski feel but will be fine for off piste and ocassional powder.  Try to demo... it will help.

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Stopped at local ski shop. I live in San Diego so no snow or mountains but lots of surfers.

I explained to the sales person what I was looking for.

He recommended Liberty Antigen. When I looked this ski up it says it is a park ski which doesn't seem the best for all mountain.

He also recommended Armada AR7 and El Rey which again are described as Park skis.

I mentioned the Watea and he said they used to carry it and that it was high performance and perhaps too much ski and overkill for me.

I have a feeling the Park skis are what sell here and we was trying to sell me what he had on his rack although he did sound sincere.

I suppose these skis could work but there is very little in the ways of reviews so I am not too interested in them.


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Originally Posted by jnbrown View Post

I have a feeling the Park skis are what sell here


Winner winner chicken dinner.  That, and the sales guy probably skis park, so those are the skis he knows.

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I was not wanting to demo, but I think I will after all since Footloose has the Watea 84s.

They also have the Prophet Flite.

Thanks for all the input.

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Me and my wife ski the prophet 90 in a 172. I am 6ft and the ski feels to short for me so I gave it to my wife who is 5`6 130 and she fell in love with the ski. I ended up going for the prophet 100 179cm and have found the ski that best fits me. Both the 90 and 100 are great skis. good luck on the ski hunt.

Happy Tracks!

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