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Don't Ask the Boot Guys

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The Ask the Boot Guys section is a great idea - or great concept. We have some amazingly insightful and articulate boot fitters here who give out great advice gratis.


You'd think it was idiot proof. Except we keep building better idiots.


The Boot Guys section of the forum needs something to help prevent new/clueless/occasional users from inadvertently posting threads in there that either can't be addressed by boot guys, won't be addressed by boot guys (conflicts, stupid questions, etc) or would just generally benefit much better by being answered by the general Epic collective in the Ski Gear Discussion section.


I can't tell you how many times I've seen threads where I know I could add value to the discussion but I can't because there's not "reply to thread" button. I've PM'd a number of people to point out their mistake and suggest they find their way to the Ski Gear section, but that's time consuming for me and doesn't add anything to the collective knowledge/value of Epic.


Could we get a button on threads in Boot Guys that bumps the thread into view of moderators with the suggestion that it would be better if moved to Ski Gear? I understand the idea/value of having the Boot Guys section with limited access, and I think it is a good idea in theory. But there are just so many threads that end up in there with limited/no responses, but could be addressed well by other users. Or maybe more proactive moderation of that section?


I can't be the only one who finds this frustrating.

Here's a small sample of some recent threads that I feel fall into this category: - how do bootfitters answer this?


That's just from the first page, and I could have picked another 3-4 threads from that page but didn't bother because they were essentially the same as some of those.


Oh, and mntlion is incredibly patient and indulgent. Many times he's answered questions politely and carefully that could/would be addressed with a simple "search jong" reply.

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I moved about half the threads you linked. Dave has a good FAQ on what not to ask the Boot Guys.


Both CEM and Bud are mods in there and can move threads out.  We can ask them to be more proactive in eliminating the ones not up to Boot Guy radness.

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Color me skeptical, but I seriously doubt anyone new ever reads that FAQ, as good as it is. And unless you go into that FAQ, you don't get any warning that you're not going to hear from other users' if you post in that section. I'm not saying the Boot Guys section isn't valuable - I think it is great when used properly - maybe I should just use the "flag" button to invite mods to look more closely at a post. I never really considered that. I always think of the flag button as a way to flag a really offensive post - and since I hang around TGR a lot, I don't get offended very easily.

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Whoa!  I just flagged Cirquerider's reply. Just to test out the flag tool. And his post disappeared. Is that how flags are supposed to work? Is that what the "Mark as Held?" check box inside the flagging dialog box does? Freaky. I never knew I had such power.

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Hmmm, must have left super-flag on for the Ambassadors.  I have some members in the Super-flag group and you were one of them....until now. smile.gif

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Take your stinking hands off those Sinecure...some of those posts are Classics!

...LOL, of course I'm saying that in

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