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Locking Up Leki Poles

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How do you guys lock up your poles in ski racks? Don't feel like having mine disappear at lunch......

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I've never once locked up a ski or pole.... Just separate them. Put one ski in a rack base up with one of your poles and put their mates 5 racks over or throw them in a snow bank. Unless you have severe short term memory issues you should never have problem.
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/\/\ What he said.


You could also take a sharpie to the yellow Leki logos on one (or both) poles to make it look less appealing and less like it's mate.


Or get your mountain to create a free ski check like we have at Alpine Meadows.

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Hard enough to get enough snow made..... :)

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Do you lock your skis?   /How/ do you lock your skis?

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Hard enough to get enough snow made..... :)


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I use a recoil lock. I put the poles in back of the skis and wrap both poles once or twice then go around the skis. That way someone would have to work at it  to remove them. So far it has worked. I also deface them by using small ski area stickers. It makes them stand out some, if someone did take them. A couple years ago it occured to me that while skis are shorter, the racks are not. I now put the tips in the snow which makes the heel close to the rack and gives me more cable to work with.

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Yes lock them all the time....ski key.

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So the real reason you don't just put the Ski Key rack pin through the pole straps is because they are leki poles and the straps detach?

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I lock my carbon poles and my race poles - wrap the lock cable around them tightly once or twice then through the binding to whatever the rack feature is. Is it 100% secure no but it would require someone to stand at the rack for a minute monkeying with the cable and then walk off with the poles. It makes theft less likely. I don't bother locking my old Goodes. Which after 10 seasons are plenty defaced without my taking a marker to them.

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So the real reason you don't just put the Ski Key rack pin through the pole straps is because they are leki poles and the straps detach?



I bought my Lekis a few seasons ago and found the ONLY way to lock them up is to use the "Ski Key" racks.  I ALWAYS leave the straps attached to my gloves and never leave them with the skis.


There are a few problems with the ski key racks:

1) Not every resort has the racks...to those that don't, IT'S A COMMON SKIER COURTESY TO HELP PROTECT AGAINST THEFT!  If Mad River Glen (VT), a co-op, can afford them, any can.  No excuse.


2) Resorts either don't get enough racks or are stupid to put the Ski Key racks closest to the entrances of the chalet with the non-ski key racks further away...this causes people without the locks to use it out of convenience leaving no space for those of us who support a ski-theft-free skiing experience.


3) (general problem) Resorts have to say "no cutting locks/breaking ski key locks" until the end of the day when everyone else is gone.  I've seen it happen a few times at Blue Mountain (Collingwood, ON) where resort staff are breaking off a lock just to have the rightful owner of the skis say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and the attempted-thief run in the other direction as fast as possible in ski boots.  What bothers me more is when they are not wearing any ski equipment, asking for locks to be cut at lunch time.  How about some common sense?!

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My poles are old and beat enough that no one would steal them on purpose.

I am still worried some jerk might take them out of confusion, or because they can't figure out which ones are theirs or have lost them, and 'they are just poles."  So I usually make a symbolic wrap of the lock cable around them, just so they can't be taken accidentally.

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