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Ski watch for my dad

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Amazing I have been posting on Epic almost 12 years now...


I searched a bit and found nothing in the last few years addressing this.  my apologies if there is a relevant thread I have missed.


My dad doesnt ski as much as he used to since moving from UT to FL but when he does he goes for it and laps high speed lifts racking up vertical feet.

He has had a few watched over the years that helped with this but now needs a new one.

I would like to get this to him before he heads out to UT for a month in Feb.

Can anyone suggest a watch that

can track # of runs (up down) in a day

and # of Vertical feet skied per day?

GPS and or RFID would be nice but not Mandatory.


Than you

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Suunto watches are probably the best for altimeter watches.
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I've never seen a watch that does a decent job of this. And I've looked. Plus they're all really expensive if they come close. There are plenty of altimeter watches, but they don't track the kind of stats you'd like to know at the end of skiing.


But there are any number of smartphone apps that do a great job. Not only that, but they'll overlap his track on a trail map or other topo map at the end of the day.


Get him an iPhone and then pick your app (I believe there are a few threads on this subject if you search. I use Phresheez and the app that Mammoth has. But there are plenty of others out there. And I bet the iPhone is cheaper than a good Suunto anyway.

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After 3 Vertech watches, I got sick of the lack of reliability watch-to-watch (first one was great, the second hopeless, the third so-so) and the constant need to send in the watch for battery replacement.  I'm now using a thing that hangs around my neck, the Brunton ADC Summit.  VERY good accuracy-wise, within 5%.  Given that barometric swings can influence the vertical you rack up over the day, that's darn good.  Every season the first 8-12 days I use the vertical rise of the lifts here, keep track of my rides on each and compare them to the Brunton.  If there is more than 5% discrepancy, I buy a new battery.  I'll then use for the season either the ASCENT or DESCENT, depending on which was closest over the test period. (I extend the test period if after about 4 days I decide I need a new battery).  I only use it for counting runs and vertical, not for temperature, wind speed and all that stuff.  


It costs about the same as the Vertech.  

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he has had a vertech in the past and has had similar issues you mentioned and new ones are not cheap

Brunton looks interesting.

any comments on ease of use?

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Hmmm.  Well, after I remember what to do, not an issue, but every year I have to re-learn it and the instructions are HORRID.  A friend got one and I ended up having to give him lessons via email.  I've found the trial and error method to work better than trying to decipher the picture directions.  Your mileage may vary.  

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thanks, that could be an option.

seems there are some good phone apps for this to, but my dad had a smart phone and returned it 2 days later, need a watch or a clip on device

any other favorites out there ( not to distract from the dozens of people needing help with ski length...)

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I like the lanyard this thing has and since I don't substitute this for my watch, it just stays all day on the ski data screen, protected under my jacket.  I used to wear the Vertech outside my jacket because the strap was designed for that, and I think weather may have played a factor in the Vertech problems....although the first one never had issues other than the constant return issue.  The kicker with Vertech was, I'd tell them the accuracy was way off, they'd supposedly re-calibrate it, and back it would come just as whacked out as ever.  (I knew it was nuts when it kept giving me 25% higher vert than the mountain had to KNOW they would have had different vertical rise numbers if they could have...)  I'm not saying the Brunton is dead on (and it can't be because as you descend the hill here there are many trails that involve some rollercoastering), but over my test period the totals vs. the chairlift rides are usually different by less than 5%.  Like I said, if it's higher, I change the battery and re-test.  

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