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Eastern Township Resorts (Quebec)

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Hey everyone, 

I will be heading to Montreal December 2-4, and was planning to hit up one of the eastern township hills (Bromont), however, their website has no updates as to when opening day is. Checked Sutton and Owl's Head too, nothing there. Anyone know their status? 


Back up plan is to go to Tremblant, but I've been there too many times. Another option is Jay Peak, but I'm going with some lower level intermediates and I don't think Jay would suite them very well. Any other suggestions?



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I was thinking of a mid-December trip to Eastern Townships, and I can't find any info on opening dates either.  I'll be tracking this thread, hoping for some of the same info that you're seeking.

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No snow yet...

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374720_10150975247685595_184432300594_21918832_1219170286_n.jpgfrom bromont's facebook page, looks like they're starting to prep.

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Well no natural snow over there, but there will be plenty of cold to make snow.  Keep this thread updated if you don't mind Marks?



EDIT:  LOL,  I live in the 'Sauga too.  cool.gif

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Aha fellow wild 'west ender'! Guess you frequent Blue Mountain? (I know there is nowhere else to go around here)


As for Bromont, snow is continuing. Opening date is expected to be released soon, according to their facebook page.



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    Have you tried Ellicottville or Canandiagua NY from Mississauga? Only a bit futher than Blue, and Bristol has 1200' vert.

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I've heard of Holiday Valley and Bristol. Had to pass up the chance for going to Bristol last year. Thanks alot, Whistler smile.gif

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Ya I used to live downtown Toronto for awhile.  Now it's 'Sauga, Port Credit is pretty nice so I can't really complain too much.


I hit Glen Eden in Milton because it's close and good for my kids (5 and 7 yrs).  Wife's learning to snowboard and it's a good learner hill and cheap too for a 5/7 season pass.  I do hit Blue a few times because a friend lives 10 minutes from the lifts.  Once in awhile I'll hit Hockley up in Orangeville after work to get some exercise.


I'm originally from Niagara so Ellicotville isn't far away, I can drop off the kids at grandma's house and then my wife and I go for a little "us" time icon14.gif


I've not heard of Bristol, I'll check them out.  Thanks for the heads up!

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I'm in the Square One area, been for 20ish years. I love the city.


I usually just hit blue or MSLM locally, I'm still a student so I tag along with my cousins that go every week or so.


and heres some updates for the eastern townships!


according to skibromont.com and their facebook page, they will be opening november 26th.


mont sutton appears to be targeting December 10th to open

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