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Vail Trail Count Dec 1-4

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Coming out to Vail for 4 days of skiing Dec 1-4 and wondering what might be open. The current report looks like just Lionshead is going. Was hoping Mid Vail runs and Riva Ridge to the bottom would be ready by then. Too optimistic?


Fifty some inches with what is forecasted between now and when I get there hopefully another 12 inches or more which would make YTD in the mid 60's. Last year I was out at the same time and they had receivedvery close to 100 in and evrything on the front was open and Blue Sky even opened. They hadn't completed the chair installation yet on Lift 5.


So, I didn't expect this year the same level of terrain to be open as last year's super excellent early season skiing but am hopeful in the next 10 days the trail count increases. Am I dreaming?

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Were you getting 50"?  The reports I've seen don't seem to be nearly that optomistic?


I drove by yesterday and the lower runs w/o snowmaking are thin.  We just had two big wind events that screwed up what was looking like a good start to our season.  Just a guess, I would bet they have mid Vail and north woods open by then, but probably not the bowls, since they probably got hammered the hardest by the wind?


I skied Snowmass Saturday and Sunday.  The manmade coverage up to the top of max park was good.  The natural snow at the top of the burn was good, but thin toward the bottom of the lift.

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The Vail website when they opened last Friday started to report the Snowfall YTD and I think today it was 53 in.


Definitely need some storms to roll through and Thanksgiving looks pretty tranquil they are forecasting some snow after Thanksgiving. The days I'm there are forecasted sunny right now moderately cold.


We don't have any snowmaking window I can see being reported here in SW Pa. through first week of Dec. despite a bunch of winter forecasts that indicated that starting in late Nov. we could expect cold and snow.


I'm probably playing golf Wed. PM!  Come on winter!

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I was up there for opening weekend (just this past weekend). They had basically one run open with access from either Lionshead via chair 8 or the Gondola or from the Village via chair 16.  Snow was ok but got pretty skied off by sunday...definitely had some icy spots and some sunday drivers. They were running Riva and chairs 3 and 4 (mid vail) but only for patrollers.  I wouldn't expect them to have the bowls open too soon. Ski patroller told me that they need 6 more inches to open mid Vail. Coverage looked pretty good on Cappuccino and Espresso, but who knows.  They were making a ton of snow on the runs near my guess they have those open sooner than later..


Come on La Nina!

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