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Size differences in boots?

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Is there a big size difference between a 28 boot and a 29 boot? I'm not very familiar with how boots are sized. Thanks for the help.

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Mondo sizes = cm, so size 29 is 1 cm larger than 28. 

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the centimeter increase is correct.


the boots also increase in width and volume as you go up each mondopoint size.



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So would you feel a big difference then say in a 28.5 to a 29 boot. I understand that you should have the correct size boot, but to someone who only skis 8-10 times a season would it make a difference. My son is a 29, but I was wondering if he could get away with a 28.5.

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Have him try both sizes if possible. A quick and dirty way to measure Mondo size : Stand on a sheet of paper, heel (and paper ) towards a wall. Use a pencil and mark the longest point of the foot. Measure with a ruler. This will give you an approximate Mondo size. Then of course last-width comes into play as well. A skishop/bootfitter has a device to measure this exactly.


If a boot feels comfortable in the shop, it's most often too large. The liner will pack out with wear - that's why seeing a bootfitter is recommended, he/she will get you the right boots for your feet. Volume, last and size all come into play. Don't see it as an expense, it's an investment in future well-being while skiing.


If you search in the various forums here on boots, bootfitting etc, you'll find that the only thing we all agree on is : You date your skis, but you marry your boots.


Good luck!



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For any skier who's owned their own boots properly sized and fitted, the difference will feel like a sloppy rental boot that doesn't fit right and never will.

Saw your bootfitters post. The still growing part is the hardest part. My 14 yr old wears an 11.5 to 12 sneaker. His boots are a 27.5 with a toe stretch/grind from last year. A 3rd year out of these boots may not happen if his foot grows 1 more mm or if he says its just a tad short when skiing. They fit beautifully the 1st yr by a bootfitter who planned for growth making proper adjustments. Last yr he removed the adjustments & added a bit of length with a grind. At that time the kid was a 11 1/2 sneaker. 12 is pushing it in this particular boot & age. Don't go too big because the boots will feel like a rental boot so why buy? Discuss your concerns with the bootfitter at the shop, what would their approach be to fit now & any room to stretch if he grows a bit in the next year?
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Summarizing - kid was a 10-10.5 1st yr in a 27.5 boot with room to grow (shims added). Following yr an 11.5, toe grind. This yr in a 12 shoe its all iffy and 3 yrs out of a kid's boot is expecting too much when growing.
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Thanks for the info everyone. It looks like I have another trip back to the shop to get more info. Would it be rude of me to ask for their best boot fitter?

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It wouldn't be rude but the response you get could be something like "all of our people are experts at fitting boots."  Tell us where you live and someone here can no doubt recommend a good fitter.

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