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2007 Blizzard SLR IQ magnesium skis

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I'm looking at a new pair of 2007 Blizzard SLR IQ magnesium skis 160 cm. I would be using them to race in northern Michigan's ice.  Has anybody owned a pair? I know from old posts, that the SLRs of that age were rated highly, but I can't seem to find much about this specific year and model. Any comments would be appreciated.



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If they are anything like the 2010-11 pair that I own and race on, you will love them!!  The profile looks very similar to mine, what are the dimensions and turn radius?  The only significant difference that I can see is that my newer pair has a different Marker Binding on it.


If they are brand new and cheap enough, I would go for them!


Rick G

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Sidecut 116/65/99  Radius 13. I did read that they changes the bindings.

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I have a pair of Blizzard SL Mag's that are 1 model year newer. I use it more as a recreational carver in SE Pa where hard snow is common. I'm not a racer but they give me all the SL type performance I need. They are not real beefy as some true race SL's are constructed, more of a de-tuned full bore racer. My skis were owned by Philpug who is a major ski guru here at Epic and he states Blizzard has not changed that ski much over the years.


Whatever you decide, there are any number of SL specific skis that become available in the Epic Ski Gear for Sale threads. Older SL skis don't command much money, so make sure your deal price is pretty low.

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They're on Ebay, so we'll see how thw price goes at it gets closer to the deadline. I'm also trying to find the boot size range that binding will accomodate. Do you have the IQ bindings? Will they accomodate a size 13 (about 342mm)?


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Originally Posted by rickg View Post

If they are anything like the 2010-11 pair that I own and race on


They aren't.  That being said these ones are still good skis and if the price is right I'd say go for it.

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Sorry Jamie, I guess these are mine. I've been scoping Blizzard GSR's for about two years now, but haven't found a great deal on them. This year I picked up a pair of Head WC iSpeeds in 180cm for Nastar and club racing, but my old Dynastar Omecarve 10s have about 4 years on them now so it was time to get a new slalom and these looked like the best deal. Blizzard has changed the side cut dimensions a bit since 2007 (116-65-99 R13 on the 160s) where they are now:


Sidecut: 121/68/105 mm.

Radius: 13.5 (167 cm.)


I'm hoping that the actual turn radius is more like a 12 on these 160s. I can keep you posted on their performance once I get them on the snow if you are still interested.


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Wait, you bought them? If so, tell me I didn't steer you towards them. Yeah, keep me posted.

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No Jamie,


rockymountainski (aka Brenda) sent me your link after I won. I've had her auction in my watch list for the past week. Thanks for the good pic, hers were a bit soft in focus. Will try to spend more time on EpicSki this season, and let you know how they work out. They look like they'll be a fun ski? For $326 (w/ shipping) they are certainly a deal & they have DIN 14 bindings!


Take care and have a great ski season.



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July 26 2012, and although winter is a ways off, I remembered I needed to update this post. I skied the new 2007 SLRs all last season, and absolutely loved them. They are a very snappy ski with good rebound out of the arc. While my old slaloms were a R11 at 158cm, these seem just as turny but may be a tad more technical than my old Dynastar Omecarve 10s. On one occasion while carving down a headwall, I had the skis rocket out from under me, leaving on my butt. The best part is that like the Omecarves, the SLRs will make a more open turn if you don't nail them hard, but just lean into them gently.  All around, it is a great recreational slalom ski. The IQ bindings ride on a track made into the top of the ski, and allow easy adjustment to any size boot (no drilling), with one simple screw at the center of the plate to attach them to the ski. That allows the heel and toe to float on the IQ track and provide a more natural ski flex which is what the IQ system is all about. So the bottom line is, for $320 shipped, with a DIN 14 binding, they were well worth it.

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