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Kids gear

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Need two sets of kids gear for 4 and 6 year old. Ideally between 80 and 110cm, with boots around size 10 and size 1. If you want to unload your old stuff great, or if you have suggestions for buying cheap/used (not interested in ski lease) let me know.
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We bought our kids gear from this place:


The gear is mostly used rental gear but the owner knows how to fit the kids gear over the phone and will help you out with deals and special packages.

If you do buy gear from ski trucks, make sure they do a qick base and edge grind. Otherwise the gear generally looks like the previous users used it to pound nails for weeks at a time. That said our sprouts have been happy with the gear and it works as well as the new stuff but at a big discount.

The shipping for us went very well. Please send me a PM if you do buy from them and let me know how your experience was.

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I do have a 77 cm Head ski that is great for a 4 yr old. However, it is sans bindings since they are going on my boy's new skis.

They are drilled for tyrolia bindings so maybe you can get some of those and you won't have to drill them again.

PM me if yo are interested.
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