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Custom liners for Fischer Vacuum boots.

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Have any of the Boot Guys had the opportunity to mold an Intuition liner to a Vacuum boot? I have a cold foot problem and have found that the Intuition liner works best for me in keeping my feet warm. With the high temperature required to mold the Intuition and the cooler temperature required to mold the Vacuum boot, I wonder if anyone has developed a procedure to mold the Intuition to the Vacuum.

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No one?

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problem is the vacuum boot is so new and in so few outlets, and that it is early in the season it is a very slim chance that anyone has done this yet


i would guess (and this is a guess rather than anything tested) that if the liner is oven heated then put on the foot then inserted into the shell with a lycra sock over it then the heat from the exterior of the liner would have been lost enough to not affect the shell plastic.... i would also think that the shell would need to be moulded with the stock liner first then the intuition liner added as an after 



best i can offer just now


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Agree with CEM, however think that the heat from the liner will be enough to "Relax" the previous fit.

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maybe have the cooling pads and vacuum cuffs put back round the boot with the intuition liner in to prevent any distortion 

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Think the whole process may as well be done with a raw intuition from the start, too long I reckon to put everything together and get a good cast as suggested.

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their suggested methodology would say that you need a firm liner to press against the shell to allow it to distort round the foot in whatever way it is going to, the hot liner then hot shell may not mould at all??? 


as we have said no idea as this is so new

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I have plenty of ideas thanks, as to above I was suggesting using an unheated raw Intuition/Palau and alowing the heat from the shell getting some definition, would work with some liners, but not all.

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fischer oven gets boot shell to max temp of 175 F. intuition/palau liners kick at 210 to 220 F.


you all may need to use some serious math to figure out how to make this combo work.


algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry oughta help the process, at least you might be able to mold your liners into a fischer boot on paper.


why experiment and figure this out? it is so much easier to just discuss it on the interweb.



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