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2012 Nordica Enforcer?

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Anyone been on these?


I'm looking for a ski to replace a pair of 2008 K2 Seth Powder's. I like the "woodiness" of the Seth, damp but not too snappy. I also like the flex, not too soft, not too stiff. It's like baby bear's bed, "just right". 


My other ski is Blizzard's Magnum 8.7 and I don't want a ski that will overlap too much.

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I have and it a fun ski. I do think it would be a but of overlap with your 8.7 though. I would go slightly wider to the 105 range and look to the Influence 105, Legend 105 and the Kastle 108 as some options. Stop by the shop and I can give you some more suggestions. 

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