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I'm hoping I can get some help picking some ski's.  I'll start with the background info.


I haven't ski'd in 10 years and my girlfriend and I are wanting to get back into it. When I did ski, I always just rented gear at the hill for the day, as i only went a couple times a year.  I've also spent time x-country skiing.


We'd both like to invest in some gear that we can have fun with now, but will also grow with us.  We don't plan to become experts or anything, but would just like to get out to the local hill a dozen times in a season, and maybe do a ski trip once a year.


The local his is Southern Ontario, so not the best conditions.  Will be groomed, icy, hard, and artificial I imagine.  So I guess, the primary purpose of the ski is groomed trails, but when we go on trips (likely Utah), I'd like to have to option to try other conditions.


I've read a lot of the beginner threads and know to start with boots. I went to the local shop today and found Dalbello Axion 7's to be a good fit at an acceptable price. These seem fair?


As for the ski's the guy recommended the Volkl RTM 75's to me.  They look like very nice ski's.  Reviews on here seem to be somewhat mixed, but the review's are coming from more experienced people, I'm wondering if I'm likely to notice a difference?  One of my bigger concerns is that I'm 6', 220lbs, and he said to basically go to the longest ski due to my weight.  Would I be better off selecting a ski that is made stiffer and going with a short ski?  Can anyone recommend some ski's over the RTM 75's? I guess price range for the ski's with bindings would be $400-600.


Any advice is appreciated.   I know there's also the used market, but I did some quick searching and the market doesn't seem too big here and I might have a hard time finding a suitable ski.