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1st Pair of Skis in East

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I've only been skiing for the past two seasons, and my experience is limited to North Carolina, West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania skiing.  I love it and can't wait for the season to begin around here. I seem to have picked it up quickly and have been able to effectively keep up with my wife (who is an advanced skier, having been skiing since she was 4) on all the blues and blacks except for steep moguls.  I am athletic and strong and looking to improve my skiing (since I am in the mid-atlantic and there is not much in the way of powder or steeps I plan to focus this winter on bumps) and do more skiing this year.  I hope to get in 15 - 20 days including a 4-5 day trip up to New England skiing in New York and Vermont.  On the advice of others I went to a ski shop and had a good pair of boots fitted, Salomon Quest 8, which should be stiff enough to allow me to improve as a skier.  However to save some money, plus I will probably only be in this region another 9 months then I hope to move west which will mandate wider skis, I hope to get them for $250 or less, which mandates used skis to get anything decent.  So far I have looked on Ebay, Craigslist, and Galaticsnowsports.


I am 26 years old 5'11" and 195lbs.  I would consider myself an athletic type 6 skier looking to get better.  I am thinking that something between 167 and 175 in length would be ideal. I want something with a width underfoot between 70mm and 80mm.  I'd like it to be able to handle decently on days with fresh snow and maybe take them into some easy glades in Vermont this winter.


Here are the skis I am considering:


Head Monster m70 with a length of 170.  These are 2009 skis, never actually used off of Craigslist for $140.

Volkl AC 2 Unlimited (2007) 170. It has a waist width of 72.

Used 2010 Rossignol Phantoms, either SC74s or SC80s.  The SC80s are attractive to me because I think they would allow me to ski a wide variety of conditions, and would probably be useful for several years even when I move to the west.


Any advice on what sort of ski's I should get?  Should I spend a little more for a pair of used Volkl AC30s, used K2 Apache Recons or would they be too much ski for me?  Thanks for the advice.



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So having narrowed it down a little, I am thinking either Atomic Nomad Blackeye's 171 or Rossignol Phantom SC80 170.  Any opinions on which would be a better ski for an athletic intermediate looking to improve on the east coast? I can get either used but in good condition for $250 - 300.

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Incidentally I went with the Atomic Nomad Blackeye TI.  Got one day in on them at Wisp in MD but there wasn't much open just a chance to make a few turns, they seem pretty easy to turn, pretty stiff, handled the crud much better than rental skis and the couple of open black slopes very well.  Now I just need to let my technique catch up to the skis.

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