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The Haiku Thread - Page 2

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Thermometer still reads high
Will winter come soon?
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Some Turkey Day Turns

4 year old in Racer Tuck

Maximum GNAR Points

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Screw you black Friday,

Was cold turkey not skiing

since end of May!


looming dilemma

Which skis to grab - coverage thin

but La Nina's back


Will get to bed and

sleep on that. Tomorrow will

get it resolved.



Morning, a foot of fresh

snow has fallen on Hood and

we are off, see ya...


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i'm new to this site

but i'm generally nice

skiing makes me happy alright!

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Bump bump bump bump bump

Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump

Bump bump bump mogul.

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Tell me, where's the snow

Our playground needs a big dump

ULLR is asleep


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Two days of skiing

Body sated, mind wants more

Ullr is in Norway

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La Nina, you there?

All man made snow on the ground

You're a fickle b!tch!!!


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Originally Posted by LiveJazz View Post

Pacific Northwest,

Stop hogging all of the snow.

Love, Colorado

It still is the truth,

Snow continues to fall here,

Between bouts of rain.


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Haiku thread was dropped

Because we all were skiing.

Time to start again.


Northwest year was grand.

Other places, not so much.

Different next year.

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mountain gave up few


each most amazing ever known


what's that signify

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Costs a lot to ski

I can barely afford it

can't wait till next year

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Got my new pontoons

now I need some deep powder

can't think of third line

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Summer has arrived

Change ski boots for cycle shoes

Rocks hurt worse than snow

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Season pass' bought

But now its time for greens fees

When is our T time?

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Thanks for the revive

Forgot how much fun this was

Post padding is fun

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What's this post padding?

We're creating great art here,

And we're really bored.

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Ziggy and I walked

On a trail he really loves

He is napping now.

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ski Whistler Blackcomb

or Lake Louise Sunshine 

lunch is optional



bored definately

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Art is subjective

What i see as mere garbage

Could be worth one mil

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Originally Posted by noncrazycanuck View Post

ski Whistler Blackcomb

or Lake Louise Sunshine 

lunch is optional



bored definately

Holy Majoly!

We have serious leakage

Between different threads!

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Though friendly to cars

Mild winter's no joyous time

Cold summer is worse

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It seems quite silly

We dress so warm to ride bike

and wore shorts to ski

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My new skis rest now

Soon gravity will draw them

Through plastic forests

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Waiting at the lift

Get off, check skis, here I go

I'm excited now!


(by seven year old

poetry project due soon

collage almost done...glue stinks)

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Klammer rocked Kitz

Hermann flew at Nagano

I see through their eyes

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I work on my skills

Because skiing well is fun

There's so much to learn

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We waited for snow

Like children wait for presents

Fresh tracks with good friends


Funi line was long

The wait really wasn't bad

Squaw tracked out by ten


Steve Jay Phil and me

Found ourselves in knee deep pow

In the strangest place.

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Where has the snow gone?

Embracing summertime here

Northern Hemisphere

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Interesting bump

I forgot about this thread

Apres better place?

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