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looking for ski recommendations

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I am a 205 lb 6' expert skier with no knowledge of current skis.  I grew up skiing east coast; was a freestyle coach (moguls primarily) and instructor at loon mountain, NH in the mid 90's.  I enjoyed skiing on slalom race skis (my favorite was the K2 SL race ski for ripping round turns down the steepest fall line i could find).  I am slow to change to new technology...in fact my all-mountain ski up until a couple years ago were a pair of older (allright...OLD) 204cm Valdez Extremes.  I am currently on some atomics from 10-12 years back or so that are a lot easier on me than the very (very) straight RDs.  I skied a friend's 165cm (i;m sure you've heard the joke about the similarities between skiing the short shaped skies and getting head from a guy...) Atomic metron 11(?) which i found very fun, making full circles while carving groomers.  


I am currently skiing Big Sky primarily and like to get into the deeper snow when its there and prefer off piste but still like to work on counter-rotating short swing turns on groomers while following my kids.  I enjoyed with my older skis getting thrust out of turns by the stiff tails of the skis--getting weightless at the midpoint between turns--though now in my 40's it can get a bit tiring (it's tough getting used to the transition from skiing 60 times per year to 6.  I live/work in ND and can often be found hiking up small buttes in the area to get a few powder turns in.])  New shaped skis just sort of "do" turns on their own without explosions exiting turns...something that keeps me longing for my "straight" boards.


MY ISSUE IS:  I have no idea where to start looking for a new ski.  I almost bought K2 Recons.  I like the superquick-turning metrons but don't really know what length (i usually just bought the longest offered). I had a pair of Head GS race skis in the late 80s that i loved so am biased toward that brand as well.  I wouldn't mind buying something a couple years old (gently used on Ebay) to save a few bucks.   I still like ripping aggressive round turns under the lift in heavy snow.  I have the luxury of being able to avoid icy conditions so i don't need the full grip offered by slalom race skis, but want something that demands some attention.  I need a short list of what to look to demo... i would also like advice on length.  


Thank you for your attention and input!




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Ummmmmm...........what was that again????


Do you want a....................


(A) A Packed snow biased ski that is wide enough for shallow powder/crud.

(B) A mixed snow biased ski that will give you more pow performance than (A) but not quite as quick, nimble, or grippy.

(C) A soft snow biased ski that will sacrifice more hard snow grip yet, but will really shine when it is over 8" or so deep.



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Thank you for your reply.  I guess i would like something between A and B.  I've done fine with straight/narrow skis in some powder but would appreciate the benefits of a wider ski underfoot.  I want something quick and responsive but does well in some powder.  I am not lucky enough with only a few trips a year to hit a major dumping (thus i can definitively say I am not looking for option C) but don't want to be sitting on the lift on a powder day really wishing i had skis on my feet that were much better suited to the conditions. 

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Not a real committed answer but here are some choices.


(A) Blizzard Magnum 8.7

(A-/B+) Dynastar Legend 85

(B) Rossignol Experience 88



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Is the Dynastar Legend 85 the same as the previous Sultan 85 (or was it called Legend Sultan)?

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What do the numbers mean.  I find Blizzard magnum for instance with 7900, 8.7, 8.1, 7.6....   Also, what length for a strong/fit  6' 205lb skier who perfers a longer ski (just to look cool?)


thanks again for your input.

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..and what is an "early rise tip"?  are those the skis I've seen (and scorned) that have a reverse camber?  I don't need any assistance in initiating turns. (but are all the skis going in that direction?)

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Magnum 8.7 = 87mm waisted 8.1 = 81mm waisted, etc.


I'm 5'9" / 180# and demo'd a pair of 8.1's at (IIRC) 172cm length and FWIW that seemed about right.


Early rise tip, for example on the Blizzard Magnum line is not reverse camber. Normal camber under foot with the tip rise starting a little further back.

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weird thing with the numbers.  why the decimal?  (not really a question i want an answer for)


sounds like an early rise tip shortens the functional length of a ski (like overhang on a sailboat)...at least on hard-pack, where you want to have more length.



I like the sound of the blizzard.  how does it stack up to Head or K2 skis?



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Haven't ski'd Heads forever so others will have to advise there. K2's all mountain line is almost targeting a different segment of the population - relatively soft and surfs over the crud. Magnums are more for blowing through crud.


Full disclosure, I bought the K2 Aftershocks 'cause they're very quick turning, good in bumps and easy on my 50 year old gravel filled knees.


See this for good info:



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i would like to hear someone knowledgable on the matter make comparison between the Blizzard Magnum and the equivalent Head ski.

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still looking for a discussion contrasting blizzard magnum (8.1 vs 8.7...leaning toward the latter) with an equivalent Head ski.  thanks

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Originally Posted by bagodonuts View Post

still looking for a discussion contrasting blizzard magnum (8.1 vs 8.7...leaning toward the latter) with an equivalent Head ski.  thanks


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