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Best SLC Restaurants?

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Since we have a lot of natives, frequent visitors, second homeowners, ski bums, transplants, and those that we cannot yet classify in the Wasatch front I thought we could jot down some of the best eats to have in Mormon land. After spending weeks months in SLC here is what I can tell you is worth your time



1) Settebello pizza - all i can say is ridiculous. I am talking you will be sending these pizzas home fedex with dry ice. Ridiculous. Crazy. I thought SLC had the crappiest pizza ever, then we tried this place, and I was like GOOD GOD. Don't be surprised if the wait is long. We waited 1 hour 15 minutes one night. They have a italian geloto ice cream shop next door that is connected. Runner up here is Vinto's. Vinto's had some great ambiance/decor/wait staff/decent food, but they were not on the same level as Settebello. Don't be surprised if you have to wait once again


2) Copper Onion - had some beef wagyu stroganoff here. Off the charts. Flavor was out of this world. Maybe one of the top 5 dishes I have ever had in my life. I will always return here as well.


3) Tucanos / OR Braza Grill on State Street. - these brazilian churrascaria places are just delicious, we don't have one where I live so I make sure to stop at one of these places and carb out. I typically go to Braza Grill.


4) Red Rock Brewery - probably the most reliable "local applebees". They got some good grub, daily specials, homemade beer. Much better then Squatters if you ask me. 


Less memorable but popular places

Davanza's pizza, just havent had OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD pizza from there ever, just run of the mill "this is okay pizza". This is regardless of location, SLC or PC

Porcupine Pub & Grill - this place is at the mouth of BCC and is worth visiting for those reasons alone, along with the decent food, but the food was just really decent, not Copper Onion or Settebello great. Worth checking out, but I don't make a point of it to visit it.


Squatters Pub - this place basically had hamburgers, pizza, and beer. I was not overly impressed with the menu, unless you wanted to go for their genre of food, which wasn't that varied. I wouldn't go there necessarily again


Stoneground - just okay pizza.



Other notable restaurants. Inn & Out. They are not necessarily conveniently located by ski areas, but they as well as Chik-Fil-A both exist here in SLC. They both are over rated :)



Oddly enough I never been to Red Iguana.......

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You've never been to the Red Iguana?  Kind of an amazing admission for a ski forum.  


What's the over-under on follow-up posts mentioning the Red Iguana?  


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+1 Red Iguana.


Blue Iguana is pretty good too and in a more convenient downtown location (not as good as RI, though).


I like Squatters but haven't ventured too far past the ancho tuna tacos and beer-battered onion rings. Both awesome. I like the one in Park City better than SLC.


The Pie has a pretty bitchin' buffalo chicken pizza. Other pizzas there are just meh. Only been to the one in ogden, but I think they have an SLC location or two.


I'll have to try that pizzeria. I'm from the east and eating Utah/CO/anywhere west of Chicago pizza is typically a small step up from doughy dog food.


The Beerhive had an awesome beer selection (especially when you remember you're a few short blocks from the Temple). I also like Bavarian food, but never ate there. I'd say it'd be worth a shot for German/European food. Good reviews on Yelp.

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I just can't get over it. If I have a 7 day vacation in SLC I will eat Settebello only complaint is that it if you don't like it dark you have to ask them to watch it because with those brick ovens they can burn quick. Just through the roof, you will want to get a pizza per individual. I see the Pie up on Urbanspoon/Tripadvisor but I haven't made the trek over there yet either.



After seeing the Red Iguana on that FoodTV show I do wonder how I haven't been there before :)



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Now you're talking my language. My biggest complaint with pizza out here is that they undercook it and the (already poor quality) dough is just kind of thick and mushy. I usually just take out at Papa Murphy's and cook it myself so that I can ensure it's crisp. Burning sounds just about right.

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When I am in SLC I think I eat at one of the Iguanas almost every other day. I usually stay at a downtown hotel and just walk to the Blue Iguana , consistently excellent in probably 20 visits. Red I is even better but not so much so that it is worth taking a car.  La Caille out in the fringe area of town was also very good when I have been there. Sigfried's is a german deli (bratwurst, etc,) and is not bad. There is also kind of a cafeteria right on the Temple grounds that was OK for things like meatloaf and overcooked green beans and fairly cheap as I recall but after one visit we did not go back.

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Any recommendations around Sandy/Midvale?

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Not Sandy/Midvale area, but if you have a car, it's not that far. I like Bombay House right off Foothills near freeway exit. I'm a sucker for Indian Food. And ditto Red iguana. Personally, i think it's a step up from Blue Iguana.

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When we were in Sandy we mostly ate at a strip mall that was maybe 10 minutes away .. a Five Guys (good chain burger place) and a pretty good Chinese restaurant.  Didn't seem to be much right near our motel.

Oh and we went to Maui Steve's Bombay House with them .. good but not jump-up-and-down great, but then I'm spoiled because I have the best Indian restaurant I've ever been to 5 minutes from my house.

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The food up at Ruth's Diner was pretty good in addition to some of the already mentioned places. Their "famous" chocolate pudding certainly lived up to its billing. 

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Our group liked the red iguana two years ago, but we weren't sure if it was quite worth the hour+ wait. Last year when the wait was looking as bad or worse we walked away. I'm not sure why any skier would actually wait that long after a full day on the slopes. We are simply too hungry.

We kind of liked the ambience of the poplar street pub. Decent food, with an overall vibe of people getting their drink on. Works for us!
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Speaking of drinking I think it's time for a new thread.
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Flemings' Prime Rib and Wine Bar, (or close enough).  20 South 500 West SLC.  


This place is good.  Bring a functioning credit card and a good appetite.  It has one of the better wine cellars I have seen in this part of the world.

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Market Street Broiler near University (260 South 1300 East) is the best but the others are all good.  A little pricey but great after a day skiing

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Due to parenting constraints, I don't eat out much anymore except lunch or for business.  However, here are some good quick ideas:



Bambara (at Hotel Monaco)

New Yorker

Market Street/Oyster Bar (seafood--see above)

Cucina Toscana (Italian, Med)

Ruth Chris (I know it's a chain, but it is really good--if you don't want a chain, go to Flemings--see above)

Red Rock Brewpub (big, varied menu--pub food)

Squatter's Brewpub (pub food)

Sawadee (Thai)

Rio Grande (Mexican more Gringo)

Red Iguana (see above--Mexican, more authentic, two locations several blocks from one another)

Settebello (see above)

Takashi or Happy Sumo (Sushi)
Pat's BarBQ


South End of Valley:

Red Rock (at Fashion Place Mall, there is also a Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen nearby)

Market Street Grill (Cottonwood--just off I-215 at 6200 South/Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon Exit)

Porcupine Grill (see above)




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not really a a restaurant


Lone Star Taqueria - amazing, authentic mexican street food. My favorite place to eat in SLC.

Mocsalsa - my second favorite taco stand in town.


The Bayou - just a great mix of food and a large selection of drinks. americana with alot of swamp influnence like crayfish gumbo and alligator cheesecake.  Finish it all off with a Stout Float.


Cafe Trang - great asian food from authentic to americanize.

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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post

Any recommendations around Sandy/Midvale?


Braza Grill is on State St. in Sandy. Overall though Sandy is very how would you describe it? Generic American? Think Applebees, TGI Fridays, Chiles, just one national chain after another. There won't be any problems in regards to # of restaurants, but I haven't hit any home runs in Sandy yet.

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No that the eats are anything to write home about, but hard to beat the bragging rights to have dined at a Hooter's in Salt Lake City biggrin.gif

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Em's on Capital Hill (SLC). elegent, imaginative, healthy, and not overpriced. Plus Emily's a longtime Alta local and she rips.


 El Chubasco in PC= Real Mexican food: delicious, healthy, cheap, where the cops, firemen and tradesmen eat - and families with lots o kids...

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Another thumbs up for El Chubasco in Park City. Best mexican food in PC and a great value.

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I've only been to SLC once. Me friends took me to the Red Iguana, as I recall it's not too far north and west of Temple Square.


I love Mexican, am a fairly good cook and am very easy to disappoint. It was one of the best Mexican places I've ever been, second only to the Frontera Grill in Chicago. The mole's were fantastic.

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So what is this Red Iguana place? I've not been downtown before but I think I am missing something.

BTW, Flemings is a chain as well. We have one near home and we celebrated our anniversary there this year. The food is good but the overall atmosphere felt like a chain which I did not care for considering the price.
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Red Iguana now has 2 locations. I hear the 2nd one may have less of a wait than the original(which almost always has a wait). Both in downtown and are  known for their moles, but it's all good. I was raised in Texas so also not so easy to please for mexican food, and I would definitely put it up there in top 10. I've eaten at Blue iguana a couple of times, both in PC and SLC, and while acceptable, didn't think it was as good as Red.  

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Ditto Red Iguana, Blue Iguana (PC) not so much...

High West Distillery in PC is great too.

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I almost hesitate to mention this, because I have the nagging feeling I probably just lucked out, but last March I had a great steak at Carvers, out in Sandy or whichever suburban wasteland we were in. It was across the street from our hotel, so we just walked over. I had a NY strip, it was delicious, cooked properly rare, and came with all the fixings for somewhere around $25. No, it wasn't Morton's, but for that price, after a couple of ski days, it hit the spot.  

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What is the name of the German bakery downtown?   Not really a sit-down place.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

What is the name of the German bakery downtown?   Not really a sit-down place.





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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab View Post

Ditto Red Iguana, Blue Iguana (PC) not so much...

High West Distillery in PC is great too.

I don't know about their food but their whiskey is wonderful.
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If you're an SLC local that's one thing...

But if you're in Salt Lake City to ski, and you're able to wait long enough to get a table at the red iguana, you really aren't skiing hard enough!!!!
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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post

If you're an SLC local that's one thing...
But if you're in Salt Lake City to ski, and you're able to wait long enough to get a table at the red iguana, you really aren't skiing hard enough!!!!

Are you sure you're doing tailgating right?   


All passengers are supposed to be in a ski/tailgate coma as you're driving down canyon.

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