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Nordica Hot Rods CA?

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Anyone skied this, any ideas what they are like?

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I have and for me it is neither here nor there.  It's a performance ski with no metal - lack luster.  That is my preference though.  Get the top fuel, better yet get the FireArrow, the next generation.


What are you going to use it for?  Soft snow and/or bumps it might be a good choice.

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You mean it's not a very good ski?

How can a performance ski be lacklustre?


Mainly piste skiing, occasional off piste skiing, and also moguls now and then. Red and black runs mainly.


O could also opt for the

Rossignol Zenith Z9

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The CA without metal is for a lighter person or a guy that prefers a softer ski.  It is a matter of preference.  I had some Nordica Nitrous that had no metal in them and I liked them for more technically (going slower) steep lines, as I could turn them on a dime and they were pretty good in bumps for a not real good bump line skier. So ya, I am sure they are a fun ski in a world of a thousand fun skis.  Pick your poison and just have a great time is my mantra.

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