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What protection are you using?

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While you are ski racing that is rolleyes.gif. I always use a back protector and a helmet and for SL I use shin protectors. My racing suit has some paddings as well. Now Im thinking about getting an upper body harness. Anybody use a harness like this for racing? The local POC dealer said its too heavy and bulky to use. Any input much appreciated.



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looks more like boarder-cross gear!.    I use the POC back protector, but thinking about trying the slytech one  this year,  If I am using an unpadded suit I will also typically wear a spyder D30 top.  Don't like the idea of all that extra bulk constricting movement.  Are you sure that is not the female version???   redface.gif

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Hard shell armor for arms and sholders

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Originally Posted by NordtheBarbarian View Post


Hard shell armor for arms and sholders

I have one of these for sale - size Large. My son grew out of it so fast, he only wore it about 4 times.  PM if interested




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I use a Slytech 2nd Skind back protector, with the coccyx attachement.



I also own this: (but it's so uncomfortable I don't use it)


photo (39).JPG

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When I was in Chamonix a number of years ago I saw body armor in the windows of ski shops and did not know what it was. After skiing there for a week I began to understand. I'm not a racer but I would not be surprised as this stuff continues to get lighter and more comfortable it will become main stream. Particularly for those of us who are more susceptible to injuries because of age or previous injury.

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Thanks guys for all your feedback. Yes, it looks like the POC armour in my opening post is ment for park and freeskiing or something. Not racing. I like the Dainece, sorry Richr, Im over seas and xl. What about this from Atomic:


And POC also has one racing:


What I like in the Dainece is that the armour is made out of hard shell. The others seem to be just some sort of foam padding.

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i think the best protection is trojan.


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Other than shin protectors for slalom, and back protector for GS and faster, I consistently use a soft padded Spyder half tee. I tried the stuff you're talking about and felt way too clunky, could not stand it.

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