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In the span of one week, enough snow has hit the Cascades to open some areas.  One week ago there barely any snow on the slopes.  Mt Baker will run 6 of their 8 lifts starting Friday Nov 18, Crystal Mt opens with the Gondola and Green Valley lift running, and Stevens Pass will open on Saturday Nov 19 with at least two chairs and possibly more as they assess the snowpack.  Even Mission Ridge, which is east of the Cascades (drier but less snow, and usually open later than the other areas) is set to open on Saturday.   This has been the earliest opening in 25 years for some of the areas.


I am sharing this information because, well that's just the kind of guy I am. smile.gif   But also because there has been a lot of precipitation in the last week, and it starts here before heading east towards the northern rockies.   The resorts I mentioned have base elevations of 3500- 4400 feet, which means great snow for points further east and at higher elevations.  We're expecting to see more snow almost every day for the next week.


And so it begins......snowfalling.gifOtt+Wedeln.gifsnowfalling.gif