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Lange rx100

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I am hoping to purchase a pair of Lange RX 100's for this season.  i've tried on nearly 30 pairs of boots and these feel great.  I have a pair of K2 recoils with griffon schizo.


Any negative comments on this boot?  the fit is perfect and down the road i may put an intuition liner in it

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This was one of my final two boot choices as well.  I ended up with the Dalbello Boss ID (for better or worse).  My choice was made due to two reasons - The Dal came with the Intuition liner and a free custom footbed, and it was about $100 less than the Lange.  Although, for the top two thirds of the fit, the Lange felt better to me right out of the box.  The Dal improved after the head mold (obviously), although I have yet to get it out on the snow this season and see if its the game changer I'm searching for.  Will report back for sure when I have more experience with the boot.





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I like the new Langes. Own the RX 130. The stock liners are pretty nice in mine.  I'm sure one of the doctors will see to you soon.

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@uillean,  the boss is a nice boot and one step up from my current boot (the voodoo from a couple years ago).  


the major reason i am posting this is because 2 of the people i work with are also very close with dalbello therefore they push dalbello really hard.  the il moro id was my first choice however dalbello has no stock of the il moro left.  It is also pretty unlikely the rampage is still in stock also.


so basically i feel that a lot of the shop is relatively biased due to the relationships with dalbello.  they make great boots but the lange fits and i believe we all know that the right boot is the one that fits.


are there any cons about the lange?

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Find a good boot fitter, and do as they say. You tried on way to many boots. A good boot fitter should find the right boot in 3, and 5 for hard to fit problem foot. The only thing that matters is how the boot feels, and is it in your flex range. Live by the rule 2 finger shell fit, anything else is a waist of space.

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