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Rossignol Attraxion 8 for intermediate skier?

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So I went to a better ski store today and the two skis that were recommended to me are the


Rossignol Attraxion 8 




Rossignol Temptation 82


The boot that seemed to fit me the best were the 


Rossignol Electra Sensor3 90.


I'm leaning towards the Attraxion 8 because I ski on groomed runs 95% of the time and I feel that the Temptation 82 are a little too wide underfoot since I never go off piste.


The other question I have is, since I haven't skiied much for a few years (only maybe 2 runs a year).  I feel like I may have dropped to a lower level than I was.  So if I get these high intermediate to advanced skis and boots, will I have any problems using them?


The salesperson assured me that I will be fine and this set of equipment is not too advanced for me but online, they are rated close to expert....


I used to ski mostly blue, a few black runs once in a while if that's important.

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Nothing wrong with either ski choice and given your preference for groomed runs, the Attraxion 8 would be as good as any of a dozen other skis that I could think of.


The Electra Senson3 90 is a higher volume boot with a soft liner. If you have a wide or thick foot, it's not a bad call.


There are a lot of good choices and tons of variables. I'm curious about why all the recommendations were Rossignol products. Not that any of them are necessarily bad calls but all three recommendations being Rossignol items seems a little odd. Not really odd...........just a little.



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The skis were Rossignol because I've always skiied Rossignol and I really like their products.  The other recommendation given was an Atomic D2 but they're sold out in my height.  There was also a Volkl recommended but the salesperson said he thinks it's overpriced and said these two Rossignols were the best bang for the buck. 


Boots I actually tried about 6 or 7.  Including 3 Lange ones, 2 Salomon, 1 Atomic and some other ones that I can't remember.  The Rossignol seemed to fit me the best, no strange pressure points.


I don't actually have a thick or wide foot...the boot fitter said I had a pretty narrow foot or at least normal though.  That's strange.  For some reasons all the rest of the boots I had a painful pressure point on my right ankle and it was just painful.

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Just be sure you are not buying a boot that is too big in all the other parts (=useless) to get rid of that one pressure point in the ankle...

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The Attraction 8 is a much better choice than the Temptation 82.


Read this, http://www.epicski.com/t/65117/intermediate-skiers-who-prefer-expert-skis

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