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Change in Subscription Display

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Starting sometime today, you can customize how your subscriptions display on your subscriptions page. 


On your Subscriptions page you currently see a list of all the threads you're subscribed to; if there have been new posts since your last visit, their titles will be in bold. Some of you have asked to ONLY see threads that have new posts, so we made this a view option that users can control. We decided it was not a good idea to force a change to the default behavior platform wide, but you can go into the Edit My Subscriptions area to enable this change if you prefer it this way.  Go to your Profile, Edit Account Details, Email Preferences to find the Edit My Subscriptions link. 

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Well, a refresh of the site just happened, I set it to show only New Post threads, but they are all still there....Do I have to restart Chrome?



Edit...tried that, it's stll all there.

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Did you see this new option on your Edit My Subscriptions page? Scroll all the way down:


Subscribed Forums / Threads

Do you want to see all subscribed forums/threads or only those with new unread posts?

Show all subscribed forums/threads in order of last post
Only show the forums/threads that have new unread posts


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Yeah, I did all that...I'll check to see if it's still "set".


Checked it's set... 


Also tried "updating all subscriptions" to see if that kicked it off...Same thing, they are all still there.


 Also, having Chrome issues today when I try to edit my posts after the initial submission.  It shows the box with no contents until I click somewhere.  

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I am having same problems with Safari -- which is why I had to delete some posts. We'll investigate.

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Wait...do I have to start using the Threads tab instead of the Activity Tab?  I've always used the Activity Tab and highlighted that I want all the categories.  Is this only available in the Threads tab?

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That appears to be the case, but I will check on that. 

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And the Threads tab requires you to keep refreshing, it's not the "active" stuff that you get on the Activity thread.  Sort of useless for me at least.  I want the option on the "active" screens mostly.  

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By the way, the main Activity page won't be changed with the new subscription option - all your subs will always show there.  The Threads/Forums tabs will he affected by the update only.

To clarify...

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How do I remove that thumbs up...


My recollection of what was really wanted was only "new posts" to display in the New Posts display and has you read those threads, they disappeared...Remember the vBulletin function?  You'd ask for New posts, you'd get ALL new posts, not just something you subscribed to, and then as you read those threads, they'd disappear from the screen.  The nice thing was that you could kind of skip around and the list would get shorter and shorter and once you were done, you could Mark all read and the window would be empty.  This is especially nicer in the winter when the stuff goes on for 10 pages when you come home from skiing.  

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Someday we'll get this to your satisfaction. Sorry it ain't it (yet). I'll ask.

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