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Do twin tip all mountain skis do well on ice?
I am looking at a pair of Volkl Gotama Jr 128's and a pair of Atomic Nomad Jr 120's, and where I ski, we have hard, dense snow with a fair bit of ice. I was wondering what type of ski's to get. Please tell me what I should get, and if the Gotama's do well on ice. Should I get all mountain twin tips? I am an aggresive skier who skis black diamonds and double black diamonds, as well as going of the trail into little tree paths. However, I do not do off piste skiing. I know that Gotama's do well on powder, and we do get a little here. Please help! I don't know what to do!
I really need something at 120 cm that can do OK in powder(not essential), have no problems with ice, be able to take some jumps and off piste skiing, while still carving up groomed and ungroomed runs. I am a serious skier! I have been skiing long(8 years)! I want a GREAT pair of all mountain skis that do well on ice and can take a ride through the trees.