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GPS for goggles!!

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http://www.reconinstruments.com/products/mod Looks pretty cool, don't thing I would spend $300.00 for something I would use one! 

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Zeal tried this a couple years back I believe - seems pretty gimmicky to me.  Their lens optics are so-so, which makes a $500 goggle a hard pill to swallow for me.  This also smacks of distracted cell phone drivers to my mind...the last thing it seems we need is even more distracted skiers/boarders who are messing with their phone/mp3 player in one hand, and trying to change their goggles display settings in another.


Is having that AC/DC track perfectly queued up while at the same time knowing exactly (or as exactly as a gog mounted gps unit might actually be...probably not super) how high and far your jump was all that important?  I thought their were enough injuries and accidents with our current marginally distracted skiing habits...but that's just me.


And the cost...


Most all smart phones these days have sports tracker / ski tracker apps installed or available.  Why not just use the (usually free) app instead, set it to record at the beginning of your day, and then download the results at home later?  Seems to make a little more sense to my mind anyway.  Of course, YMMV...  rolleyes.gif

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