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Kung Fujas

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Would you place K2 Kung fujas  in the the same catergory of ski as Blizzard Bonafied,  Prophet 98 and say the Rossi S3


or would they be a bit more powder specific out of the four skis and ride softer such as maybe the Amarda JJ.






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Out of the 4 skis I would rank them all mountain to power bias with the foliowing %'s


Prophet 98 80/20

Bonafide 70/30

S3 50/50

Fujas 40/60


A lot depends on what YOUR needs are. Any of the 4 are very good options and not a bad choice. The Fujas is still a fun ski even out of the powder into the crud. The JJ's feel is much more powder biased. 

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richo, please clarify the intent- do you want a more powder-centric ski?  Is this just for you? if so, we need your spec's.  Where you ski, what you ski, kinds of terrain, style, goals, what kind of ski you like (soft, stiff) etc.  Need the info..... 


that's a big jump from a Fujas to a JJ.  Do you want a powder ski? 

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They are a lot burlier than a S3. I skied them for about 70 days in the resort last season and loved them. The more days I spent on them, the more I liked them. Dont know anything about the Blizzards or Prophets. I didnt care too much for the JJ and would take the Fujas easily over them. Pretty damp ski. Atomic Coax is pretty fun and sorta similar.

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are these This season's or last or even the prior years version you are referring to

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Thanks guys,  I think Phils response has pretty much put into perspective what I wanted clarification on.


I was originally looking at Line influence but Skiessentials post on deals for Epic members made me reopen my mind to alturnative due the good deal they are offering.


I am looking for something with 60/40 pow/all mountain bias and looks like from reveiws and Phils response the fujas are right in my target group.


thanks again all



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